Circuit Park Dronten 1.0

Realistic fantasy track on a real life location

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    For this track I've imagened myself having the opportunity to design a track on some local farm fields around my town. So with Google Maps I've looked around for fields that would be suitable for a race track, but keeping in mind that it should be somewhat realistic/feasible irl.
    So after 'buying out' some farmers ;) the fields were stripped and prepped for construction. After construction was complete the new track was named "Circuit Park Dronten", inspired by "Circuit Park Zandvoort" Not a very pretty name but it does the job :)

    The track is 4150 meters in length, 11 meter wide and has 14 corners (although the game says 28). I tried to place the track surroundings in a way so to not have it feel too open.

    Lap guide
    It's pretty easy to miss your brakingpoint at turn 1 as it comes up earlier than you'd think, going in to turn 3, 4 and 5 it's important to keep a smooth flow, keeping wide coming up to turn 6 and beware of the dip on the inside. Exiting the 'chicane', try to avoid the exit curb of turn 7. If your car has enhough grip, turn 8 should be flat out. Turn 9 has a two possible lines through it, but turning in a tiny bit later moving the apex a bit futher in to the corner provides a bit more exit speed coming up to turn 10. Turn 11 is tighter than it looks and try to stay off the exit curbs. Turn 12 can be taken at full speed, with a quick downshift and hard braking into turn 13, for the final corner the key is to stick to the inside and smoothly roll on the throttle coming onto the final straight. Turn 12 and 13 are really important to get right as they can ruien your flow through turn 14 and badly effect your exit speed and thus your laptime.​

    In my opinion the track looks pretty cool when you set the time to 06:00, the low sun combined with the surroundings give the track a nice feel :)

    I hope you'll like it as much as I do, and I look forward to your thoughts on it!