Complex String Replica 6.0

*Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec Complex String Replica*

  1. Version 6.0 ( fixed link )

    Hope this works.
  2. *Updated to Version 6.0*

    This could be the last update for this project X)
    Special thanks to @Jordan or this project wouldn't have continued to what it is today :)
    *Please Enjoy*
  3. *Updated to Version 5.9*

    Re-edited a certain curbs points for a better feel for the driving line & re-edited one spot for a closer feel to the original :)
    *The re-edited sections are colored in red in the picture below*
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  4. *Updated to Version 5.4*

    Fixed a certain sections for a more accurate edit to the original :)
    Hope you like it even more ^^
    *The Re-edited sections are colored in red in the picture below*
    Except one spot which i'm not entirely sure where - pardon me < X )
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  5. *Updated to 5.0 + Video*

    Re-edited certain sections :)
    Enjoy a more accurate Replica of the original Complex String ^^[​IMG]
    *The Re-edited sections are colored in red in the picture below*
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  6. *A more accurate edit of this course*

    A more accurate edit on the 3 half circles - the wavy lines above & a certain sections after it :)
    Hope you enjoy it even more ^^
  7. *Version 4.0 is complete ^^*

    At last !!! ^O^
    The best possible Replica from me ^^
    Finally solved the length issue by compressing the 1st wavy lines ^^
    Enjoy ^^
  8. Fixed Link - Finally! - a more accurate replica of Complex String ^^

    1- Added the 3rd half circle.
    2- wavy lines above are more accurate.
    3- last half circle before S-Bend - both more accurate.
  9. Complex String ( Updated to 2.5 )

    Now the 90 degrees sharp turns are finally available on the track with a re-editing for the 2nd half of the track from scratch X)
    Enjoy ^^
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  10. Complex String Replica ( Updated )

    Fixed certain Cerb-Stones & edited a certain scenes but the course itself is still the same
    ( I hope that i didn't touch anything else in mistake )
    Enjoy : )
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