GT3 Complex String V.2.0

Custom recreated version. very close replica.

  1. GT6champNK_69
    Eifel Flat
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    Welcome to my replica version of
    "Complex String from GT3
    (Gran Turismo 3 A-spec)

    V.1.0: I have had this in my shared tracks in the (my page) in the Community section in GT6 for a while. Now I have made some adding, and tweaking to it, and decided to upload it, for all of you to enjoy it.

    V.2.0: Custom recreated version of the legendary PD original track, the technically and tricky Complex String from GT3 A-spec.
    Now with added curbs. Reworked some of the corners, and removed some bad undulations of the surface. Tried to do as much as I could to the scenery as added track sites, that was possible. Taking reference from the original in GT3.

    It is a very close replica, though it is a little bit longer than the original. But you really don't feel or notice.

    I hope all of you are interested to try it out, please let me know if you have some request, and feel free to leave a comment.:) Thanks for downloading!.