High Speed Wind 1.4 +video

A High Speed Ring wannabe

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    Eifel Flat
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    High Speed Wind panel.png

    Once there was a famous High Speed Ring: the signature track of whole Gran Turismo Series
    It was simple and fast and it was the best known original track in whole Gran Turismo Realm

    The Wind
    Now there is a new kid track around the block: High Speed Wind and it wants to gain similar popularity in Track Makers Realm

    So here is The Ring (the Real Deal):


    And here is the Wind (the Wannabe):

    High Speed Wind.png

    They both have the same length (2.49miles)
    The Wind has few turns more
    Layout is different and also the direction of driving
    (the Ring is anti-clockwise...mine is clockwise)

    However the the feeling might be the same: please try and let me know

    Note: this track is ideal for high speed driving where you can carry a lot of speed even into its turns.
    Its length (2.5 miles or 4.0 km) practically begs you to break 1 minute lap barrier

    If you also want to check its sister track from desert, Desert Wind Speedway you can try it here:

    Also check its cousin from Andalucia Circuito del Zonda:

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