Hudik Hiking Trail 2016-02-26

A tribute to a northern Swedish city

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    This is a tribute to Hudiksvall City where I spent many summers in my youth.
    Best experienced with 400pp CS - 430pp SH.

    The race above is shown twice. First half with an onboard camera and the second half using trackside cameras. Tough race.

    Hudik trail map
    hudik map.jpg

    Trail sections
    hudik corners.jpg
    Section 1:
    * Alice's bend
    * Gunnar's creek
    * Crying Corner

    Section 2:
    * Långvind section
    * Anna-Lisa esses
    * Maln
    * Fishing straight

    Section 3:
    * Lada esses
    * Gackerön straight
    * Cellar straight
    * Möljens complex

    99 corners.jpg

    Hudiksvall or 'Hudik' for short is a city and the seat of Hudiksvall Municipality in Hälsingland, Sweden, with 15,015 inhabitants in 2010. Hudiksvall is also known as "Happy Hudik", a term that originated in the 19th century as word spread of its friendly hospitality and its lively social life. The city is located along the E4, on the east coast of Sweden deep inside the bay Hudiksvallsfjärden, about 80 km south of Sundsvall and about 130 km north of Gävle. Hudiksvall is the largest urban area in Hälsingland. Around Hudiksvall lies the communities of Delsbo, Iggesund, Enånger, Forsa and Näsviken.

    The Hudik trail was planned and paid for by private investors and was constructed in 13 weeks betweeen May - August of 2015. The location is to the west in the outskirts of the city and maintenance of the trail is covered by toll admission fees much like the famous Nordschleife in Germany.

    The trail is used by the public for hiking through the landscape with bicycles and/or vehicles of their choice. Racing is allowed however insurance companies fail to cover any accidents suffered on the trail. The drivers insurance coverage may also consequently be voided, leaving the driver fully liable for damage. Anyone with any type of car or motorcycle, as well as buses, motorhomes or caravans with trailers can drive the trail at any time of the day year round. The trail is not even closed during the winter months with harsh northern weather conditions. It is considered to be up to the person entering the trail to make sure risks aren't taken. Passing on the right is allowed and no sections have any speed limits.

    Additionally, those found responsible for damage to the track and safety barriers are required to pay for those repairs along with the time and cost associated with personnel and equipment to address those damages, making any accident or breakdown a potentially expensive incident. Because it is technically operated as a public toll trail, failing to report an accident or instance where trail surfaces are affected is considered unlawfully leaving the scene of an accident. This is all part of the rules and regulations which aim to ensure a safe experience for all visitors to the trail.

    The trail has since completion in 2015 become a popular attraction for many driving enthusiasts in the country and word of its existence has begun to spread all over the world, mostly because of the challenge it provides. The lack of oncoming traffic and intersections sets it apart from regular roads and the absence of a speed limit is a further attraction.

    - Our trail is very narrow and we opted for no curbs both to try and keep the costs down to a minimum and also to provide that extra challenge driving without them. Racing was not our first priority.
    says Stefan Nilsson, investor.

    - Plus the trail blends in with our spectacular scenery and northern countryside better with no curbs. It looks more like any other road this way, except it isn't of course. The elevation difference on our trail is a staggering 167 meters or 550 feet and this was planned in minute detail in order to be achieved.

    Our inspiration for the design of the trail, especially the second half, has been found at places like Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium and Suzuka in Japan. We aquired expert advice by flying in two landscaping professors from Austria to make sure the trail was placed exactly where it needed to be. Without the aid of Hans and Fritz this project would have never seen the light of day. Their expertise proved costly to us but the end result made it all worth while.

    We are very proud of what we achieved together.

    Hudiksvall City photos

    If you have read this far I thank you. My grandmother grew up in this city in the thirties and fourties with her eight siblings. One brother and seven sisters. Life wasn't easy back then and she is the last one of the siblings alive today. Her health is rapidly deteriorating and the transformation has been incredible just these last two weeks alone. This little GT6 project is made in her honor. For Alice.

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    I like the trail and the accompanying story. :-)
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      Thanks a lot.