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Circuit (Fantasy) Isle of Man Fantasy TT 2016-01-17

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For those that don't know about the Isle of Man TT.
It is the world's longest & most dangerous race event & over 250 people have been killed in it's 105 year history. it's run annually over two weeks in the summer on closed public roads where rider's reach speeds of over 200mph. It's 37.7miles (60.7km) long & the average speed & lap times are 130mph for 18 minutes.
The current lap record was set last year by John McGuinness at 17 minutes 3.567 seconds. Regardless of what motorsports you follow just take a few minutes out of your time to watch this video to see why these guy's deserve your full respect. If you find yourself tilting your head or bracing yourself during the video don't worry it's normal :)
As for my version it's only 21.96miles (35.250km) long (the maximum length possible without crashing your system) but it's still fast, under 10 minutes is easy, under 9 hmmm, try it.
Anyway hope you enjoy this prestigious, historic course :)
Mr Grumpy
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Great contribution!
Superb! I do believe that this the best flowing circuit that I've ever had the pleasure to drive on. It's truly spectacular how the flowing corners sweep over the crests and dive though the troughs!
Great work...great fun!
Fantastic!! Best track till now, love it!! Great Job!
perfect Mr G !
Great track, nice and fast yet technical. Thank you
I did the course myself and I love it... Sadly I couldn't get the climbs, etc. You've done a great job... Nice!
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy
Cheers rob, glad you like it :)
Overall it's epic. My only complaint is that the uphill near the start is too steep and would be better if you could make it a serpent climb instead (if you can I'll give it 6 stars!)
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy
Thank's eran. The 1st attempt was to close to the mountain in the north, elevation was mental so I dropped it down for the 2nd attempt but to much track was in the black area & I had tree's coming through the road. As for my 3rd attempt (which you guy's are using now) I can live with a slightly steeper hill at the start.
You did it again Mr Grumpy! Simply amazing track. I'm not too familiar with the original course, but yours managed to capture the feeling perfectly. Setting it on Andalusia and having lots of trackside houses and trees no doubt helped. This puts the original Sierra to shame. PD should hire you for Tourist Trophy 2 :)
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy
Ta mate, I've been trying for ages to crack this track.
Did you watch the video ?
Outstanding. No other words for it.
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy
Thanks P :)