Lotus Europa S.2 '68

400PP / 103BHP / 661Kg / SH Tyres

  1. PSXtreme
    The Car was all over the place. Only extremely reserved driving at the 500pp level allowed a victory. Will definitely have to retune to have any success at higher difficulty levels.
    1. Kenzel
      Author's Response
      Thank you PSXtreme for taking the time to try the tune and leave a review. I have always tuned a car to perform at a particular PP, there is no guarantee that it will perform satisfactorily if the PP is raised. With this particular car, a completely different tune would be required to raise the PP to 500, so I am not really surprised that this tune became a handful with an extra 100PP added. On this particular car I would not run it any higher than the stated 400PP. (Just my opinion).
  2. Aitchelee58
    Been looking for a good tune of this for ages. Thanks
    1. Kenzel
      Author's Response
      I am glad I could help. Thank you my friend Aitchelee