Mišeluk Street Circuit (Serbia) 1.0

1.1 replica. Fantastic street circuit, locacted in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia

  1. GT6champNK_69
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    Welcome to my replica version of "Mišeluk Street Circuit".
    Located in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia.


    I wanted to make this fantastic and fabulous temporary street circuit, after I got familiar with it from the modded PC Assetto Corsa version from RaceDepartment. It is consisted by to long straight's, and very tight and technically hairpin corners, and a few high speed corners. I have made this without any of the new tools. I had to move the sf-straight to achieve the actual circuit length. Some of the actual scenery is captured really well, and I'm very proud of the location of the background city's, in their right position versus the real one. The track width is 10 m. I think it is more than enough, maybe I could have made it wider, but I wanted to be able to create the tight hairpin corners. I really love this track, it is the most fun street circuit I have tried, and it would be awesome if Polyphony Digital would make this track into a future GT game, maybe as a DLC for GT Sport:bowdown:. Hope everyone will enjoy this track as much as I have:)

    Pictures are courtesy using from Assetto Corsa PC version, as I couldn't find any real ones:


    Location: Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
    Track length: 2.110 miles / 3.396 km
    Turns: 9
    Inauguration: 1982 to date

    Lap Record Private Cars (qualification) J. Pedro Lamy (1:16.271) in a Porsche GT3 P4.0L V6

    Mišeluk is a temporary street circuit near Novi Sad, Serbia. It is one of the most famous tracks in former Yugoslavia (now Serbia). The track is also very dangerous because of the big sidewalk curbs and steel light poles all around.
    Mišeluk is the site of the largest annual auto-moto racing championship in Serbia (and formerly Yugoslavia).

    Ending layout result in TPE/course maker:cheers::gtplanet:


Recent Reviews

  1. walkerf5e
    Version: 1.0
    Beautiful! Great scenery and track feel. Works well in Time Trials or Single Race mode. Just wish there was something to indicate the braking point in the long curving straight. Took 10+ laps to get it down otherwise. Have to count the orange barriers six times from when the far foreground comes into focus at one point. Just an inconvenience to an otherwise great track!
    1. GT6champNK_69
      Author's Response
      Thanks walkerf5e. It is very much appreciated that you like it, thanks. I know about your issue with those braking points, I was not allowed to place any track sites in those areas by the TPE, and I don't have any tools to place them anyway. I did like the layout, and that's why I kept it in this form.
      Hope it can be used:). Thanks for four stars