Misano Circuit 1.0

Home of the San Marino Motorcycle Grand Prix.

  1. Waster3000
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):
    A replica of Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, in Rimini, Italy. This version is around 0.7 miles (just over 1 km) too long, as I wanted to keep the main straight in the correct location. Circuit width is reduced to 12 metres in order to make it fit the profile as closely as possible; similarly, some of the turns are modified to suit the limitations of the course maker. '32 turns' is obviously just the way that the software likes to express things...

    Trackside objects are pretty much my own take on things, but I have tried to keep the kerbs accurate. It flows quite well, I particularly like the three fast right handers out the back of the circuit. Feedback is most welcome!