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Touge Mt Akina (With Elevation) V3.6

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Thanks to all those who tried my previous track (Akina on Eifel Flat). This time I've recreated Initial D's most famous mountain on Eifel with an actual downhill route.

I chose starting line #7 because it will give the most accurate slope. However it's in the wrong orientation so there is a right turn at the start. I marked the start/finish on the actual straight by a gate so you can use that when running races.

Track width has been widened from 6m to 8m, so it's not as claustrophobic and races are actually possible now.

Track layout is as close as I can get it to my perfect replica. I'd say it's 90% accurate. The main attraction is the 5 hairpins, which I have managed to position on a slope exactly like the real Akina! The rest of the track is built around that so unfortunately some parts may go slightly uphill (IMO it's not that bad to drive). That's also the reason why the length is off. Don't worry, most of those comes from elongating straights, so corners are still spot on.

Bumps. Ah yes bumps. Due to PD's algorithm with anchors, unfortunately some hairpins are a bit bumpy. I used Very Gentle slope to try minimise this as much as possible, but it's still there. With a road car it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Obviously don't try to use an LMP or Formula car here :P UPDATE: After the app's 1.02 update this has been fixed!

As on my previous track, I tried to put as many forests as possible. Because of the wider track I did manage to put more, but not as much as I'd like. Luckily, the track does pass near some pre-planted forests so it doesn't look as barren as Eifel Flat. Also added flower fields near the foothill esses. You can see this whole section as you drive down the final backstraight. It's pretty spectacular at dawn/dusk!

For kerbs, I decided to put it in all hairpins this time. The actual Akina actually has gutters all the way down, so I think it's appropriate. Don't worry, the 5 hairpins are still the main attraction here ;)

I went through around 10 revisions for this course (that's why you see it's V3.0), and I think it's pretty much perfect. Do let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements though!

Finally, I'd like to thank Outspacer and eran0004 for their AMAZING work in the Height Maps thread. Without their contour maps I would never have been able to plot the course so accurately. Also a shout out to Frenzyhero who inspired me by making heaps of Initial D tracks with actual elevation. Seriously people, check out his work!

I think that's about it. Pat yourself in the back if you managed to read all that rambling. Now download the track and start attacking the downhill! :mischievous:
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Latest reviews

very well done elevation.
Love this so much, it's really close to the feel of Akina from Initial D Extreme Stage.

I'll definitely be using this as a test track for my tunes, great track.
Fantastic Touge track. What I particularly like about yours, is despite all the technical corner sections, yours deliver some long straight where you can take a breath, and build the tension and concentration to the next. I drove my special build Audi Quattro rally car '86. In just over 4 minutes.
EXCELLENT run. Good track
awesome track!
Good job!