Mt Akina (With Elevation) V3.6

My 2nd attempt at Akina, this time an actual downhill!

  1. V3.6 App update 1.02

    Reuploaded the track after the course maker app 1.02 update. All of the bumps are gone now. The 5 hairpins don't feel like going down stairs anymore :D Thanks PD !!!
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  2. V3.5 Smoothed bumps

    I found a new way of placing anchors for hairpins, and managed to smooth out most of the annoying bumps. Unfortunately due to the tightness of the 5 main hairpins it is still not as smooth as I'd like. Still, it's much improved from before. I also changed the banking from Very Gentle to Steep, as that seems to smooth out a few bumps as well (weirdly). Also, this new technique allows more sections of the track to be widened, and more forests to be planted. Enjoy the new update!