North Bowl Speedway v1.0

Fast and tricky track with a few elevation changes and a variety of different turns.

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    North Bowl Speedway v1.0

    This track at the northern border of the Eifel grounds is situated in a bowl. North Bowl Speedway is a fast track with a few elevation changes and some pretty tricky turns. It should be suited for any type of cars.

    Track Map

    North Bowl Speedway.png

    Here's a presentation lap of the track.

    Track Description

    Turn 1Dawn

    At the end of the 700 m long eastward home straight the lap starts with the very tight 27 R left-hand hairpin Dawn. It might be a bit hard to find the perfect brake marker but it’s somewhere between the pit exit and beginning of the curbs. The bend opens up subsequently and outer curbs prevent you from running off track in case you’ve been missing the brake point. The exit of Dawn is important for the following almost 600 m long Bowl Straight.

    Turn 2Bottom

    After heading down Bowl Straight you’re approaching Bottom hairpin at very high speeds. That bend is the lowest part of the track. The braking zone starts between the track gate and the beginning of the curbs. If you’re a bit late on the brakes you might miss the apex but you’ll be able to adapt your line within the bend to not fly off. Bottom isn’t as tight as Turn 1 and there are many lines possible. The braking zone is a very good opportunity for an overtake.

    Turn 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Esses

    The very fast first sector of the lap with its two hairpins is followed by a sequence of smooth alternating turns through the woods – the Esses. It’s necessary to approach Turn 3 on the right side of the track and to hit the apex correctly. That way Turn 4 can be taken almost straight. The following Turn 5 is a bit difficult to take perfectly as the radius is tighter and braking under turning is required. If you brake too late you might be drifting to the outside and loose too much speed. It’s significant to avoid losing the momentum as the bend is followed by a long full throttle section. The two uphill Turns 6 and 7 complete the Esses and lead to the highest part of the track. After a short straight framed by woods you can go through Turn 8 without needing to brake.

    Turn 9 Faith

    That downhill left-hander with hidden apex is very tricky and faith is needed – faith in yourself and faith in your car. Coming out of Turn 8 you should drift towards the curbs on the right side of the track. When you reach the curbs you should start braking and turn in right after. The bend is hanging to the outside a bit so there’s a lot of G-Force to be felt here. If you brake only a bit too late it’s hard to prevent flying off and you’ll probably hit the barriers. Also you have to take care that your tires are not on the curbs when you brake and turn in as this may result in a huge drift and loss of stability. If you get the bend correctly you will be heading downhill to Turn 10 at high speeds. This one can be taken full throttle and you should start braking for the following Turn 11 when the left curbs end.

    Turn 11Mirror I

    The approach to Turn 11 is the same as the one to Turn 23, both sections have the same length and are parallel to each other with reverse directions. That’s why they are called Mirror I and Mirror II. The difference is that Turn 11 starts with a very tight 28 R and increases up to a 100 R at the exit while Turn 23 starts with a 100 R and decreases up to a very tight 28 R exit. When you’re heading towards Mirror I and start braking you should move your car to the right side of the track. The turn in point is significant for the following possible line through the bend, the tightest line isn’t the fastest here. By the way, there are three little houses with spectacular view to both Mirror I and Mirror II. As the track doesn’t offer any grandstands these houses are very popular at race events. The owners have converted the top floor into exclusive VIP lounges.

    Turn 14Zipper

    Coming out of Mirror I you only need to slightly lift the throttle at the following Turn 12. You should approach Turn 13 on the very left and brake marginally at the beginning of the curbs. Watch out that you don’t drift too far to the left curbs at the exit as you may miss the turn in point for the next crucial turn – Zipper. The scenery with its wood at the inner curve is beautiful here. It’s a really tough bend which is closing continually and the risk of running off is pretty high. You can brake early and roll to the apex but you might be overtaken by a driver on a better line who brakes later. The limit is probably different in every car so there might be some trial necessary.

    Turn 1785 R

    After passing Turn 15 you’re heading to another high speed section through the bottom of the bowl. While Turn 16 can be taken full throttle in every car there’s need of throttle lift at the next 85 R in some cars. 85 R is a really fast left-hander which will boost any G-Force-Meter.

    Turn 18, 19, 20Twist

    The high speed section leads to a crest chicane called Twist. You should brake before Turn 18 at the beginning of the curbs and try to find the perfect turn in point. Going through Turn 19 might settle off your car a bit and maybe there’s some correction needed when exiting the chicane through Turn 20. The following Turn 21 can be taken with only slight braking or even only throttle lift.

    Turn 23Mirror II

    This is the counterpart to Turn 11, just with another entry and exit. Coming downhill out of Turn 21 you’ll pass a track gate before Turn 22 which can be taken full throttle. The braking zone is quite adaptable and you’ll have to try finding the limit. You might tend to brake too early but the turn decreases slowly and leaves some options for racing lines. As the exit is really tight you’ll have to slow down throughout the bend quite much to prevent running off on the grass. The right-hander Turn 24 is full throttle and will lead you to the last straight via another track gate.

    Turn 25Crown

    The straight heading to the last turn Crown hairpin is slightly uphill. The beginning of curbs on the right is a representative marker for the brake point. Turn 25 is a bit similar to Turn 2 as the radius is nearly the same. But Crown is more important as your exit speed will influence the home straight speed significantly. You should try to keep the momentum and not to run too far right on the exit.

    Elevation Map

    North Bowl Speedway_Elevation.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. naloxoneGT
    Version: v1.0
    Technical and fun track! The huge diversity of turns make this track one of the most enjoyable. Great job!
    1. Patrick8308
      Author's Response
      Congratulations for being the 1st reviewer ;-) and thanks for the 5 star rating. This track seems to be a "non-seller" so far and hasn't got much attention yet. But I've put quite some effort in that creation and was happy with the result. Therefor I'm glad you gave it a try and liked it.