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Circuit (Replica) Oran Park RM Edition 2016-12-08

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Mr Grumpy
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I had driven this circuit and used to be a local circuit years ago. This is pretty accurate..elevation and layout in the right places, 99% accurate... I would love if the could have the concrete wall barrier on the last corner but understand that the importer has its limitations. But in the early days of the circuit there was grass and fencing similar.. fantastic remake.. I hope to use and share.. great job.. it put a smile on my face.
Not my favourite track after taking it for a spin(too short, didn't like the 4-turns-right loop and too simple), but I cannot say it wasn't well made. Definitely 5 stars from me.
Wonderful recreation.
So well made. Great track
I am overwhelmed by how well made this track is. Amazing. Mr Grumpy, you have made the best track in the course maker. That bridge, wow, it must have been tricky to make that well, and I noticed some other stuff, those track site signs placed in some of the corners, and the triple bridge, nice. Hope to see more from you.
Can't comment on accuracy but this track is a blast to drive. Do yourself a favor and take the Ford Falcon around for some laps :)
brilliant track
Great job in recreating this little gem of a circuit.
Exellent work ;)
This track is the bomb. The tunnel is very nice, and the layout extremely funand well reproduced. Good job !