Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club C7 S2004

1.1 replica. SMMR&CC is home to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, Racing School

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    Death Valley
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    Welcome to my replica version of the
    Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club

    Using the layout used for the Ron Fellows Performance School
    On the Motorsports Ranch

    I choosed the Death Valley theme with this replica that I felt it provided the most real life look versus the real scenery:). Both the layout & elevation changes are correct, and the track width is also replicated. No tools are used, other than what is provided from the latest APK version and what we can from the Track Path Editor itself, so I'm very proud of the accuracy. All track sites are used and placed were possible, and I stayed true to the real location. Enjoy it.:)


    Spring Mountain, A Race Facility Like No Other

    Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is much more than a racetrack- it's a complete racing experience, built to standards like no other facility in the nation. Set against a stunning mountain backdrop, just 55 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, the state-off-the-art facility encompasses the longest road course in North America, with over 6 miles of challenging racetrack and more than 50 unique configurations. Whether you need professional racing instruction, race mechanics, or hospitality assistance, our exceptional staff is there for you (website)

    Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club is home to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, Racing School, Cadillac V-series Academy and the Premiere Motorsports Country Club, Club Spring Mountain. Founded in 2004, Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club has continuously expanded and continues to grow.


    Originally architected as a learning tool for our Driving Schools, our racetrack is designed to keep your car in constant transition, providing drivers with a challenging and thrilling experience no matter what skill level or vehicle.

    Ron Fellows Performance Driving School

    As the Official High Performance Driving School of Corvette, the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School exclusively uses current model Corvette C7 Stingray and Z06 models on OEM Michelin tires. Learn the skills necessary to tame these high horsepower sports cars in one of our adrenaline-charged Corvette Schools. I am providing you a special replica tune of the Corvette Stingray (C7) '14

    Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) '14
    Replica tune to use on this track using real life specs.
    Tires used: Comfort: Soft

    Ron Fellows Driving Performance Package
    Max. Power 460 bhp at 6.100 rpm
    Max. Torque 66.7 kgm at 4.500 rpm
    Drivetrain/Aspiration FR/NA
    Power Limiter: 96.6 %
    Weight: 1.665 kg
    Weight Distribution: 49 : 51, as in real life (close to real life 50 : 50)
    Ballast Weight: 165 kg
    Ballast Position: 12 %
    Performance Points: 520 PP

    GT Auto
    Wheels: Standard stock
    Car Paint: Cyber Gray Metallic, or Yellow
    Calipers: Torch Red

    Tuning Parts
    Fully Customisable Mechanical Limited-Slip-Differential
    Fully Customisable Transmission
    Height Adjustable, Fully Customisable Suspension
    Racing Brake Kit

    Suspension - Ron Fellows FE7 Z07 Performance Package Street Alignment, optimized for track day racing
    Front, rear

    Ride Height: 102 107
    Spring Rate: 9.38 12.75
    Dampers (Compression): 5 3
    Dampers (Extension): 7 4
    Anti-Roll Bars: 3 4
    Camber Angle (-): 2.0 1.7
    Toe Angle: 0.05 0.05

    Optional settings
    Ride Height: 122 127
    Camber Angle (-): 0.9 1.1
    Toe Angle: 0.05 0.00

    LSD - Chevrolet C7 E- LSD
    Initial Torque: 18
    Acceleration Sensitivity: 30
    Braking Sensitivity: 13

    Transmission - Corvette C7 7-speed manual gearbox (Corrected)
    Reset to default
    Set Final to 4.142
    Set Max. Speed to 470 km/h
    Then adjust each gear ratios :
    1. 2.664
    2. 1.783
    3. 1.302
    4. 1.000
    5. 0.741
    6. 0.503
    7. 0.424

    Then set Final Gear to 3.420

    Brake Balance
    4/4 (personal bb), or your preferred brake balance

    Steering sensitivity for using DS3 controller

    Steering sensitivity at +1 or +2, all aids off except ABS 1

    Here is a image showing some of the many layouts:


    And the ending result of the 2.2 mile layout, I hope it will be enjoyed as much as I enjoy it:cheers:

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