Thunderhill Raceway Park 1.1

Located near Willow Springs

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    Thunderhill Raceway Park

    Thunderhill Raceway Park
    Location Glenn County, west of Willows, California, United States
    Coordinates 39°32′25.2″N 122°19′50.5″W
    Major events National Auto Sport Association
    Thunderhill Raceway Park
    is a motorsports complex located 7 miles West of Willows, California at 5250 Hwy 162. It is the venue for the longest automobile race in the United States, the 25 Hours of Thunderhill, held annually during the first weekend in December.

    Thunderhill has two tracks: the original 3 mile track known as Thunderhill East, and a new 2 mile track known as Thunderhill West. The two tracks can also be combined to offer a 5 mile track, the longest road course in America. Thunderhill also offers a large skid pad area as well for drifting and car control events.

    The venue is available for a wide variety of events or functions. It can be rented for racing events, lapping day events, drifting events, go kart events, driving schools, ride and drive programs, corporate events, commercials, a movie location, trade shows, weddings, receptions, swap meets etc.

    Thunderhill is a duplicate track map, and not a very well known track for most people, but is one of the most popular race tracks in America. A lot of fun to race on.


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