Top Gear Test Track Twin (correct length) 0.3 + video

No figure 8 crossing. Try to beat the Stig's record on the right length track.

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    The idea to modify any figure 8 track in this Track Designer is to keep all original corners intact as much as possible

    That’s what I did with modifying

    - Red Rock Valley Speedway and created my variant of it
    (Ultra Speedway:
    Ultra Speedway GP:

    - Suzuka circuit where I did similar inversion with Suzuka West to create
    Suzuka Twin (

    - Monza full 10km circuit where I flipped down the oval

    Same idea I used here as well: I flipped the part of the track that goes over and created a mirror of it and then I re-attached it to the rest of the track avoiding crossing over

    Here is the original Top Gear layout
    top gear test track 500.jpg

    And here is what I got after flipping the left part of the track
    top gear Test Track twin 500.jpg

    As you can see all the corners are kept the same shape (except for Chicago and Bentley since that’s where the track is attached back). Of course Hammerhead and Follow Through in the modified versions are mirror corners of the original ones. Bentley as well…

    This is the same track as my other variant of Top Gear track called

    Top Gear Test Track Twin:

    In that design since Starting Straight had to be 500m long, the track was extended a bit (that way we kept Crooner Curve (that track ended up to be 4km long which was a bit longer than the real Track

    In this one I decided to keep the exact length of the track (1.75 miles or 2.82km) for one simple reason:

    Here are the best times laps (those that the Stig achieved):
    01:13.8 Pagani Huayra
    01:14.3 BAC Mono
    01:15.1 Ariel Atom V8 500 (moist)
    01:15.8 Lamborghini Huracán
    01:16.2 McLaren MP4-12C
    01:16.5 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
    01:16.8 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport
    01:17.1 Gumpert Apollo S
    01:17.3 Ascari A10
    01:17.5 Mercedes-AMG GT S
    01:17.6 Koenigsegg CCX (with Top Gear Wing)
    01:17.7 Noble M600 (cold)
    01:17.8 Nissan GT-R (2012)
    01:17.8 Pagani Zonda Roadster F (Clubsport Version)

    (this info was grabbed from:

    Try using the exact same car (STOCK VERSION – with no power upgrades and weight ) and try to beat the above times

    Check if you can beet the Stig?

    Here is my lap but this doesn't count since it was done with highly competitive racing car
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