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Dagnabit. I had to work late and didn't get to thoroughly look at replays. Oh well. I look at it as karma.. May misfortune come through in the end an help me out one week..
I think we should come up with some kind of prize to encourage participation on sunday night races. Seems like the numbers have been slowly dropping. At least in d5 anyway. I know we have the granstand prize. Which is awesome by the way. But maybe something else as well.

Agreed. :) D5 has been really empty and last night was no exception. Granted I did leave early but thats not my point. :sly: Maybe something extra can boost attendance? Of course it probably can't be something too major like our Main Prizes (A, B, and C) but just a little sumthin sumthin will persuade people to join. Just my little 2¢. :)

Any suggestions? I'm all ears! :)
Wow, the g4, on,RH and in suzuka east? This is going to be a real door to door, battle for the finish.
Depending on what harley picks, this might be one of the easiest driving sundays yet. However, with Harley in the name, I expect big horsepower american street car. Shame that pd really messed up the old muscle cars with such a short trans.
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Roll cage = Race car.. So racing hards..

Also the fifth dimension will be entered in the morning.


:dopey: 👍

I was trying it on Sport Hard tires... Is it really on RH, Bowler?

I don't know if I can weigh in on this since I did create the original list of car/tire combinations, but I would say that this should be on Sport tires. This is a street legal car that also races. Quoth the Wikipedia, "Whereas the G2 and G3 had been designed for competition the G4 was usable as an everyday car but still was very competitive in motor sport with numerous successes."
I am sure it's a Sport Hard car.

I was joking cause it has a cage.



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LOL. Well, I can be a lurker. Just so long as I don't evolve into a Lurkerloo. :D

Oh. And that G4? What an ugly car.

Man she's got curves and lumps. Like lady lumps. My humps my humps. LoL

It also look like its coming at you from behind. LOL
(New Car Dealership)

The description of this car reads. The winner of the 2009 award was a hot rod built with a 1970 Mustang body. Of course this is a body well known to all Americans, but on the inside this is a total racing car. Built with a space frame structure, the car is powered by a legendary ford racing engine from the 1960's, mounted front midship.

With that description I would assume that this would be considered a race car and would be run on racing hard tires.

Rallywagon I know what you mean with all the old muscle cars having a short trans, well you are in luck with this one it has plenty of trans in 5th gear
This document will not be updated effective 8/6/2015. The new version can be found in the SNAIL policy and guidelines thread.


How to file a Racing Incident Report

This process has been adapted from the GTP OLR Rules (Section 17), but simplified, automated and made more applicable to our league. Failure to use the The S.N.A.I.L Incident Report (IR) Submission Form will result in your IR not being accepted as "official". Therefore, do not expect any action to be taken, if you don't use the form. Additionally, if the data you provide is inaccurate in any way (i.e. round, race, lap number, but especially, timestamp) we reserve the right to invalidate your IR. If your IR is invalidated, it will be annotated and shown here, and you will risk fish slaps and ridicule on the main thread, and, more certainly, the ire of the steward corps.


Instructions on how to accurately report time stamps in an IR.

The Form asks for time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds. No tenths, hundredths or thousandths are required.
From a replay, at the top right corner of the screen is the race time. Enter this value from as close to the beginning of the incident as possible.

SNAIL Sunday races will never exceed an hour. That field should always be 0. The race time shown above would be entered as shown in the next picture.

All racing incident reports must follow this procedure:
  1. All incident reports must be submitted at The S.N.A.I.L Incident Report (IR) Submission Form, by 11pm Eastern / 8pm Pacific on Monday night (the form will open for driver submissions at approximately 11PM Eastern Sunday night and close at 11PM Eastern on Monday night).
    • Multiple incidents will be entered as separate submissions.
      • Do not group distinctly separate incidents together, in one form entry.
  2. When self reporting an incident, enter your ID in both driver fields.
    • If you like, you may forward a copy of your notification to the driver you commited an infraction against. Recommend using GTPlanet's messaging system.
  3. Our stewards will then review the reported incident(s) and determine what penalties, if any, are appropriate.

In case the procedure regarding race incidents is not followed and the driver decides to discuss the racing incident in public here on the S.N.A.I.L. forum, and as defined by this policy, the driver may be given a warning or an infraction (in case of repetition or blunt accusations) by one of the S.N.A.I.L. admins.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are the driver an incident report is filed against, feel free to tell "your side of the story" to your Division Steward so that he can relay it to the rest of the stewards who will be reviewing the incident. There is no need to reply to the driver who filed the complaint against you unless you want to and are able to do so in a completely non-confrontational manner.
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That Lotus is a doll! Hardly ugly I say, and I really hope it comes shoed in some sports tires!
The Ford is for sure on Racing tires, as it is purpose built to emulate (it is a show car in reality) a race car. Wow what a line up for this Sunday, I am pumped!

Good pick both of you. Curious, how is the G4 on the straight at Suzuka? I imagine its nearly flat out through the corners on racing tires. might get some good neutral steer going on SH though!

Hah! got it. zer05ive says "Your forum-fu's improved." in his best Tom Highway voice.

Thank you other lurkers, er I mean gentleman. ;)

Nicely done, grasshopper! That's two in a row for you. With training and discipline, you will become a forum-fu master.
Anyone need a facial Snail Style?


The round that received the most elimination votes was:
ROUND 3 - Super GT Nissan GT-R's @Road Course - Indy
Therefore the entire combo has been dropped from next week's line-up. Since martin20az wins Prize A, he gets to choose an entirely new car and track combo to replace it.
Why is it the the really good combos keep getting the BOOT? This was an awesome combo and Car! So does the SP1 and LFA. WoW! :yuck::grumpy::dunce::ouch:
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