1.05 - Update Without Internet Connection?

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  1. 4runner


    OK. Having shelled out a load of dosh for GT5 & a PS3 I find out it's in dire need of patch 1.05 (thanks to gtplanet :tup: ).
    ... I have no access to broadband - no mobile signal, too far from xchange.
    ... I cannot find any info on the scee site.... any members here know more? please?

    Ta Andy
  2. Jay

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    I don't think you can get it at all without hooking your PS3 to a internet connection.
  3. gt.fan500


    If you somehow manage to get on a computer with internet connection you can download the patch there, and put it on a USB drive. Although I'm not sure where to get the actual patch from :S
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    I don't think it is available on any site. You can only get the patch from your PS3.
  5. Mmm_Fish_Tacos


    Couldn't someone copy their saved data, send it to you and then you upload to your ps3? I'm having the same problem too. I'm home on vacation and my parents only have a 3g internet card, that doesn't work with the Playstation. I feel your pain.
  6. CoolColJ


    You can probably use the PS3 proxy trick via a PC to patch it - google it

    Basicly a program on the PC intercepts the PS3 calls via a Proxy program (need a router) and redirects the call to a file on the PC.
    You use the same program to see what URL the PS3 is trying to download from. Use the URL to download the file to the PC etc
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  7. pcpaul


    How to Download Game Patches and Updates via Your PC

    There are several things that you must prepare before commencing;
    1)Playstation 3(of course)
    2)PC with windows(no mac or penguin)
    3)PS3 Proxy Server GUI (you can download here: http://www.ps3-hacks.com/file/16 )
    4)PS3 and PC is connected on the same router

    Step 1: Configuring your PC
    You need to install the PS3 Proxy Server GUI using the link provided above. Take note that the software needs Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installed in your pc. You can find that in Microsoft website. After finish installing, execute the software. There is no start menu link so u need to find it in program files directory(file name: CF3B5)
    patch_pc_download1After you have open the window as shown above, tick the PS3 mode. Fill your ip address with your pc ip address. Example is as follows
    patch_pc_download2After you have included the ip address, then press start. That’s all finish on the pc side

    Step 2: Configuring Your Playstation
    In this step, you must configure your playstation so that it will see your pc as the proxy server. Go to connection setting, set connection manually whether your connection is wireless or wired. All settings is set on based on your preference. Once you reach the proxy server, choose enable and set the proxy server ip address based on step 1; which is your pc ip address. Based on the image above, my proxy server ip is Save the setting and you are done.

    Step 3. Downloading patch using PC
    As you all know, downloading patch using your PS3 is extremely slow. I’ve once updated my BF:Bad Company, it took me almost 7 damn hours to complete. However, downloading the patch using PC enable me to sustain speed minimum @ 65KB/s using download manager. But I manage to gain almost 160KB/s which is million times faster than download using ps3

    This is the most important part
    1) Insert your Blu ray games, and then u will be prompt to download patch. Continue as usual until the download process started
    2)Once the download process started about 5 seconds, cancel the download
    3)Now head to your pc, and then to the PS3 Proxy Server. Click logs tab on top of the proxy server. See the image below
    patch_pc_download4The red square is the log tab. And in the logs tab, there is a blue rectangular where that is the FTP server of the patch that you were trying to download using PS3 earlier.
    4)Right click on the links and select copy link location
    5)Paste on your favourite download manager and you will get lightning fast download(assuming that TMNut Snailmyx is in good mood)

    Step 4: Installing game patch on PS3
    1)After you have finished download(at last), remember where you save the file because you need the directory to the file.
    2)Back to PS3 Proxy Server window, select the replace files tab and click the “ADD” button
    patch_pc_download53)Based on the image above, first we start with the red rectangular. In this box, you will right click and paste the link to the patch that you have copied in the logs tab.
    4)The green bar is where the location of the file. Click it and guide it to the location of the file that you have downloaded

    Back to the PS3
    Now you only need to install it on the PS3. Insert the Blu ray game disc and the PS3 will prompt you to download the patch, just proceed normally and during downloading u will see the bar will move faster because now your PS3 is downloading the patch from the PC, and not through server.

    1)The ip address on the PS3 proxy server setting and PS3 Proxy Server Software must be the same with your pc ip address
    2)The PS3 must be connected on the same router with your PC ie. in the same network
    3)The PC must be switched on through the entire process
    4)Make sure that you download the correct patch using correct links, you can notice the size, as it must be the same when you download using PS3

    *You can also download patch for PlayStation Home and Life with PlayStation using the the same method.

    Thanks to the guys at TechGeek for this guide
  8. redstorm


    Thanks for the info.

    Oh...........my............word! That's a long process. Guess my system will go on a car ride to someones house to do it the origional way...
  9. jckronbauer


    Great! Awesome! It worked perfectly!
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