[1 SLOT IN GTE] Radio Le Banter 3 Hours of Le Mans - 20th June RACE @ 14:00 BST

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  1. Storm_SP17


    Hi everyone!

    So it's that time again for everyone and their mother to host Le Mans events on GTPlanet...

    Here we are with the 3 Hours of Le Mans hosted by Radio Le Banter.

    Usually, Radio Le Banter host a "Pre-Mans" event that involves some gimmicky and hilarious rulings to warm everyone up for the real race IRL. Unfortunately for us, there is no Le Mans weekend in June this year. Fortunately this means we can all decide to trip over ourselves at the opportunity of hosting our own Virtual 2.4's or 1000 km (40 laps for all you mathematically chal- wait... hang on that's not right...) or 3 hours or even 4 hours of Le Mans. These conditions means that Radio Le Banter can make this year a proper Virtual 3 Hour Le Mans with no gimmicks!

    Now I am aware this is extremely short notice for some, so rules on liveries and whatnot will be a little more relaxed than usual.

    P1-H Class:
    • AUDI - R18 '16
      • 510 bhp / 822 kg - {{ 97% / 94% }}
    • PORSCHE - 919 '16
      • 500 bhp / 831 kg - {{ 100% / 95% }}
    • TOYOTA - TS050 '16
      • 487 bhp / 813 kg - {{ 96% / 93% }}
    GTE Class:
    • ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage '12
      • 582 bhp / 1250 kg {{ 112% / 100% }}
    • CHEVROLET Corvette C7 Gr.3
      • 562 bhp / 1261 kg {{ 102% / 97% }}
    • PORSCHE 911 RSR (991) '17
      • 550 bhp / 1280 kg {{ 108% / 103% }}
    • Quali Track Time - TBD
    • Race Track Time - 15:00

    • Racing Softs Only.
    • x1 Tyre Wear.
    • x1 Fuel Consumption.
    • Light Damage.

    • Grip Reduction Settings - Real.
    • Slipstream Strength - Real.
    • Boost - OFF.
    • Contact Penalties - OFF.
    • Track Limit Penalties - OFF.

    • Driving Aids - Variable.
      • ASM - OFF.
      • CSA - OFF.
      • TCS - ON.
      • ABS - ON.
      • Driving Lines - ON.
      • Auto Drive - OFF.
    1.3.1a. Use of the default livery is strictly discouraged. Look, you'll probably get verbally brutalised in chat for the memes if you don't have a custom livery...
    1.3.1b. Teams are allowed to have differences in the livery of each car but must remain visually similar.
    1.3.1c. All teams are required to upload and share their liveries in their profiles in order to be reviewed by the series organisers.
    1.3.1d. Offensive and/or obscene liveries are strictly prohibited.
    1.3.1e. Itasha liveries are permitted, but designs must be kept safe for work.
    1.3.1f. Liveries with prominent tobacco and/or alcohol branding are permitted.
    1.3.1g. Interpretations regarding the above written design standards are at the full discretion of the series organisers.
    2.1.1. A lobby will be opened 1 HOUR BEFORE RACE START for Free Practice.
    2.1.1a. Drivers are allowed to enter and leave track at will during FP.
    2.1.1b. Livery, Car Number, Visibility and Network Stability checks will be performed before the end of FP.​
    2.1.2. The FP lobby will be reset 30 MINUTES BEFORE RACE START for Qualifying.
    2.1.2a. Qualifying will have a duration of 15 MINUTES, starting immediately from the moment the track loads after the lobby reset.
    2.1.2b. Drivers may be asked by the Race Director to provide screenshots of their personal best laps if deemed necessary. Failure to do so when prompted may result in the disqualification of their qualifying times.
    2.1.2c. Drivers arriving late for Qualifying will only be given the remaining time to set a valid lap.
    2.1.2d. Once the 15 minutes have elapsed, drivers will still be allowed to complete their current flying lap. Afterwards, all cars must park at a location specified by the Race Director.​
    2.1.3. For the purposes of collecting qualifying lap times, there will be a brief break period post-qualifying.
    2.1.3a. Drivers will be asked to remain on track until the Race Director declares that all lap times have been collected.
    2.1.3b. Final visibility and network stability checks will be performed during this period.
    2.1.3c. Drivers who are deemed to suffer from network issues will be given 10 MINUTES to reset their systems and reenter the lobby. If network issues persist, they may be excluded from the event.
    2.1.3d. Once final checks are finished, the lobby will once again be reset for the Race.​
    2.2.1. The Race will be set to Grid Start with a Formation Lap.
    2.2.2. A MAXIMUM SPEED of 125 mph (~200 km/h) is advised for the Formation Lap.
    2.2.2a. The formation lap will be conducted in SINGLE FILE, with the field gradually slowing down to 50 mph (80 km/h) when nearing the final corner/pit lane entry where the overall leader then goes on their preferred starting side and the field doubles up accordingly for the start.
    2.2.2b. Everyone is expected to maintain modest gaps between each other during the formation lap, keeping a safe distance to the car in front while not endangering the car behind. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour during the formation lap is subject to post-race penalties.
    2.2.2c. The race begins the moment the overall leader crosses the Start/Finish line.
    2.2.2d. A jump start is defined as either accelerating before crossing the Start/Finish line for the overall leader, or accelerating before the leader crosses the Start/Finish line for the rest of the field.​
    2.3.1. For Qualifying and the Race - Racing Soft Tyres Only.
    2.4.1. Drivers are expected to keep at least two tyres within the track boundaries at all times. Track boundaries are defined by the white lines at both ends of the circuit. Having more than two tyres beyond track boundaries is considered exceeding track limits; kerbs will extend this limit if they are beyond the white line.
    2.4.1a. If a driver gains an unfair advantage by exceeding track limits, they are obligated to negate any advantage gained by reducing speed at the soonest possible moment.
    2.4.1b. If a driver loses time by exceeding track limits, they are expected to rejoin the track in a safe manner.
    2.4.1c. Excessive instances of gaining an unfair advantage thru exceeding track limits will be penalised.
    2.4.1d. Drivers exceeding track limits to defend their position is considered gaining an unfair advantage and are expected concede the position.
    2.4.1e. Some circuits will have track limit stipulations at certain areas that work to improve racing conditions. Driver briefings will accompany said tracks to address this.
    2.4.1f. The interpretation of the severity of track limit violations is at the discretion of the race stewards.​
    2.4.2. Clean racing is expected from all drivers in the field, and contact is to be avoided as much as possible. Contact will be permitted to an acceptable degree but any contact deemed avoidable and/or excessive will be subject to penalties.
    2.4.3. Drivers are expected to be aware of their position on track and respect the blue flags given to them and make way for faster cars at the soonest and safest moment.
    2.4.3a. In multi-class races, both the faster and the slower class cars are equally responsible for sharing the track. Slower class cars must not drive in a way that actively impedes the faster class cars, while faster class drivers must exercise patience in getting past the slower classes, passing them quickly and safely.
    2.4.3b. Cars are allowed to un-lap themselves, but must exercise caution so as not to cause an incident with the cars that are at a higher track position.
    2.4.3c. Don't rely on using the radar HUD - it doesn't have the wide scope you need to track classes with a much wider speed difference than your own.​
    2.5.1. All racing incidents are to be reported to the Race Director within the specified deadline from the end of the event.
    2.5.2. Incidents reported past the deadline will not be subject to incident review.
    2.5.3. Race-related penalties are to be handed out post-race, and can range from either time penalties, grid drop penalties and stop-and-go penalties on the next event.
    2.5.4. Unsportsmanlike behaviour and repeated race violation penalties can range from exclusion from races or exclusion from the series.
    2.6.1. In the event of mass disconnections or the host disconnecting bringing an abrupt end to the lobby, procedures are in place depending on when a race neutralisation (Red Flag) is deemed necessary.
    2.61a. A mass disconnection is defined as three or more drivers disconnecting from the lobby within a short period of time.​
    2.6.2. For qualifying the following race neutralization procedures are in place:
    2.6.2a. If a red flag is called during the first half of qualifying, the session is restarted with all times reset.
    2.6.2b. If a red flag is called in between 50% - 75% of the session, the session is restarted at 50% length.
    2.6.2c. If a red flag is called from 75% of the session, the session will be restarted at a one-shot qualifying format.
    2.6.2d. For items 2.6.2b and 2.6.2c, all drivers will be required to submit a screenshot of their personal best times prior to the red flag. Whichever lap time is faster between the submitted lap and the lap done on the restart counts as their final qualifying time.​
    2.6.3. For the race, the following race neutralisation procedures are in place:
    2.6.3a. If a red flag is called within the first 10 minutes, the race is restarted, with the grid order reset to what it was at race start.
    2.6.3b. If a red flag is called in between the first 10 minutes and 85% race distance, the race will be restarted with the remaining time at the moment the red flag was called.
    2.6.3c. If a red flag is called past 85% race distance, the race is suspended, with points awarded according to track position at the time the red flag was called.
    2.6.3d. For items 2.6.3b and 2.6.3c, all drivers will be required to submit a screenshot of the moment prior to the red flag. This is to ensure that the lap counts of all cars is preserved for the restart, cars that have been lapped will not get any laps back on the restart.​
    2.6.4. It is highly recommended that all drivers be familiar with how to save the recorded video clip on their PS4s in order to be able to provide a screenshot of the required moment.
    2.7.1. When a car suffers Engine Damage ONLY, the driver must indicate "D" in the in-game chat.
    2.7.2. When two or more cars have entered "D" in the in-game chat, a race steward will indicate "FCY" in the in-game chat, and Full Course Yellow is initiated.
    2.7.2a. Drivers found to have falsely reported, failed to report, or suspected of deliberately causing Engine Damage will be subject to penalties.​
    2.7.3. Once Full Course Yellow is initiated, overtaking is prohibited, and the field must queue up and steadily slow down to a pace speed of 80kph/50mph.
    2.7.3a. Overall Leader will be required to slow at the start of the next sector, with the field using a safe pace to queue up behind them.​
    2.7.4. The field must remain single file for the duration of the FCY, and everyone must be mindful to leave adequate space to the car in front so as to not cause any further incidents.
    2.7.4a. In multiclass races, the field may be asked to group themselves by category under FCY. Everyone is expected to perform the grid adjustment smoothly, with slower class cars making adequate room for the faster class cars to move up the queue, while faster cars moving up the queue at a safe pace.​
    2.7.5. Once the race steward declares the end of FCY, the race will resume only when the overall leader crosses the Start/Finish line.
    2.7.6. During the restart, cars behind the overall leader are prohibited to overtake until they have crossed the Start/Finish line.
    3.1.1. Drivers can register as either a team or as a solo privateer.
    3.1.2. When registering as a team, drivers are required to use the same car.
    3.2.1. GTE Class has a Soft Cap of 9 slots.
    3.2.1a. Each manufacturer is limited to a maximum of 3 entries.​
    3.2.2. P1-H Class has a Soft Cap of 6 slots.
    3.2.1a. Each manufacturer is limited to a maximum of 2 entries.​

    3.2.3. As per my discretion, the 16th slot will go to the class that appears to have the most interest. Reserves will be notified if slots open up.
    3.3.1. In order to register for the series, drivers must submit the required information to @Storm_SP17 via PM on GTPlanet, or in the thread once general posting is allowed.
    3.3.2. Please indicate your intent to register along with the following information:
    PSN ID:
    Car #:

    @StigsTC {{ StigsTC }}
    • Audi R18 '16 // #31 Radio Le Banter.
    @DaGiBUS {{ BlueXephos22 }}
    • Audi R18 '16 // #13 Radio Le Banter.

    {{ DRR_Affliction }}
    • Toyota TS050 '16 // #27 Dragon+Razor Racing.
    @Antares26 {{ CWM_NoirAntares }}
    • Toyota TS050 '16 // #26 Dragon+Razor Racing.

    @RoadRageDudez {{ SDM_RRDZ }}
    • Porsche 919 // #17 Speed Demon Motorsport.
    • Porsche 919 // #65 Top Notch Racing.
    @Timlour {{ Timlour }}
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7 // #99 TBD
    @Mr.Skyline09 {{ BigNFL }}
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7 // #58 Maximum Otaku.
    @Sinyster {{ DRR_Sinyster }}
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7 // #61 Dragon+Razor Racing.

    @SDM_Viper {{ SDM_Viper }}

    • Aston Vantage V8 // #97 Speed Demon Motorsport.
    @Storm_SP17 {{ CWM_StormPacer }}
    • Aston Vantage V8 // #71 CWM Team UK.
    @Thesliders1 {{ thesliders1 }}
    • Aston Vantage V8 // #95 ProDrive Motorsports.

    @THGTS040 {{ THG-TS040 }}

    • Porsche 911 RSR // #8 THG Racing Team Holland.
    @Kross24 {{ Kross_24 }}
    • Porsche 911 RSR // #24 Black Rose Racing.
    1st Dibs - @andrew1990 {{ ajh_1990 }}
    • Audi R18 '16 // #90 TBD.
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  2. Storm_SP17


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  3. Kermit_2142


    I’d be straight in with this. Really enjoyed the setup and organisation of the Vertex MR Cup. Sadly I can’t make the time slot but no doubt you’ll have a good race. Good luck :cheers:
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  4. Timlour


    United States
    PSN ID: Timlour
    Class: GTE
    Car: Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3
    Car #: 99
    Team: TBD
  5. Storm_SP17


    Updates have been made to the Entry list.
  6. RoadRageDudez


    Class: LMP1
    Car: Porsche 919
    Car #: 17
    Team: Speed Demon Motorsports
  7. SDM_Viper


    1. PSN ID: SDM_Viper
      Class: GTE
      Car: Aston Martin Vantage GT3
      Car #: 97
      Team: Speed Demon Motorsports

  8. Storm_SP17


    You git :lol: I was gonna take #17 for myself.
  9. Mr.Skyline09


    United States
    Time for last place I guess

    PSN ID: BigNFL
    Class: GTE
    Car: Corvette C7 Gr.3
    Car #: 58
    Team: Maximum Otaku
  10. Storm_SP17


    The numbers 71, 5 and 6 will be reserved until further notice.

    For.... reasons....
  11. Harsk100


    I'm interested to join, but it would depend of my schedule.
  12. Storm_SP17


    Ya know what.

    I'm taking the last Full Time P1 slot.

    I'm stoked about the prospect of fighting the RLB boys again and AGAINST Noir in different machinery.

    PSN ID: CWM_StormPacer
    Class: P1-H
    Car: Porsche 919 '16
    Car #: 7
    Team: Clockwork Motorsport Team UK

    Numbers 71, 5 and 6 are now reopened for use.
  13. THGTS040


    United Kingdom
    PSN ID: THG-TS040
    Class: GTE
    Car: Porsche 911 RSR Gr.3
    Car #: 8
    Team: THG Racing Team Holland
  14. NoirAntares

    NoirAntares Premium

    Dammit, it just means I can't take you out...
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  15. Sinyster


    United States
    PSN ID: DRR_Sinyster
    Class: GTE
    Car: Chevrolet Corvette C7 GR.3
    Car #: 61
    Team: Dragon+Razor Racing (DRR)


    Class: P1
    Car: Porsche 919 '16
    Car #: 65
    Team: Top Notch Racing
  17. Storm_SP17


    I've Swapped Class.

    PSN ID:
    Class: GTE
    Car: Aston Vantage V8
    Car #: 71
    Team: Clockwork Motorsport Team UK

    Nobody's benefit but to conform to my own thread's registration rulings.
  18. Storm_SP17


  19. Storm_SP17


  20. SDM_Viper


    Unfortunately I have to withdraw, mandatory covid testing for work tomorrow morning, thought it was Sunday morning for some reason.
  21. SDM_Viper


    I can be the safety car if you guys are doing a pace lap lol
  22. Storm_SP17


    Lobby open.

    Qualifying in 15 mins.