1000cc SuperBike Records

Times are looking a bit thin on the ground so i thought i'd try and kick start a bit of friendly competition. This thread is for 1000cc bikes only (can use ANY race modded bikes including the suzuka bikes, and even road bikes if your THAT fast!!) As mentioned in the other times thread, going off track (i.e grass/ gravel) is naughty, so don't do it :) feel free to share setups and rider settings, if possible, a bit of proof would help as well.
anyhow, i'm going to post some up to get the ball rolling.


fuji speedway 80's : 1"16.197 sevenstars cbr1000rrw
midfield raceway : 1"10.001 sevenstars cbr1000rrw
apricot hill : 1"23.392 sevenstars cbr (theres a pattern emerging here..)
trial mountain : 1"32.042 yamaha R1 RM (working on the blade!!)
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GREAT THREAD!!:dopey:👍
I have a 7:12.xxx on the TrickStar ZX-10R replay of my lap at the Nurburgring...how quick do you guys think that is...you should know that if i have any accidents when pulling my hotlaps I exit and retry...even if its the last corner.;) That way my laps are fast and clean also...* I only used Mediums for my laps*
well i have a very nice time on Valencia

1'32.333 on the 7 star honda

As far as i know it's the fastest lap driven in a normal way.
I just got into this game. I don't have any really good times right now, but I'm gonna give some of those tracks a try as soon as possible. But please give a noob some ride form and setup tips!

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