10k without nitro Drag Racing

Hello :)

I'm new here but I was reading sometimes posts before i registered...
I have question to you guys. Anyone drives drag on 10k without nitro ?

I'm asking becasue in Poland there is a BIG problem to find someone who likes doing best setup (sometimes it takes 2-3 hours). I spent a lot of my time to drag racing...

1/4 mil = USA (using nos, mostly on Indianapolis)

3k = Portugal (mostly Honda Civic EK'97 and Integra DC2 and DC5)

10k = Turks (Best of the best tuners but unfortunately they don't know English)

For me the best tuner is this driver who spent a lot time to make great transmission not push the nitro. Nitro is for *** :D

Cars : every type of cars front and rear wheel drive. Mostly Japan cars, cars with Turbo, with Supercharger, premium cars (with interior).

So... Is there anyone who want race times to times on 10k without nitro ?

If yes, just write your car you want to test with me :)
United States