11/19 SDR: Pre-GT5 practice @ Fuji World

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    This is the first event posted on GTplanet* and it is also the last GT5P event for SDR. With that we are going to once again run an all stock event and get back to basics. Similar to what we are all about to do in GT5. I've made a few changes from the last one, which I hope every one will enjoy.

    This race is brought to you by Duck* Brand duct tape. Keeping heads from exploding for 3 weeks. Remember if you think your head is going to explode from GT5, use Duck* Brand duct tape.

    SDR: Pre-GT5 Practice - Friday, November 19
    where: Fuji 700pp expert
    when: :05, :35 starting at 7:00pm Eastern (US)
    Cars: all normal street cars (No Tuned cars allowed and no PP adjustment)
    Tires: S3
    Tuning: None all settings default except ABS and TCS may be adjusted

    For the :05 start it is recommended that all cars be 599pp or less. For :35 start, cars ranging from 600pp to 700pp are allowed.
    Pit stops or other wrinkles may be called out in chat.

    *Up until this event Sitting Duck Racing (SDR) has only posted events on the official PSN forums but we are looking to expand our reach in the GT community. So expect more from SDR in the coming months once we have had time to sort out GT5.
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    I'm IN! See you there!
  3. Alan_G


    Also in.


    Could you give us the link to the real thread on the PSN forums?

    So...we have to pick a car and use the default setup? How do we know the HP of each car? (when you modify the setup, it changes the shown HP in the car selection menu)

    And what are the pitstops supposed to be?
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  4. zhunterzz


    I haven't seen anyone on. I tried to get in but I got on with a few people tuning I thnk
  5. dlrws6


    Sorry, things got a little busy and I missed the questions posted yesterday. Things were a little quiet last night compared to most, but we still kept an average of 5 racers until 1:00am eastern time. Matching was pretty rough the first two and a half hours, in fact we had quite a few ftcs.

    We ended up not doing any pit stops. But in case your curious, in the past SDR has used pit stops in its races similar to real world pit stops but without actual tire changes and refueling. Basically, between a set of laps, for example between laps 3 and 8, it was necessary for the driver to pull into pit road and come to a stop in a pit stall and then proceed out of pit road and merge back into traffic. In the past we've used pit road speed limits and pit stops that lasted up to 10 seconds instead of a simple stop and go. It would have been used only once or twice, most likely, so any questions or issues would have been resolved in chat.