180 vs 900 degree lock-to-lock

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  1. kervs1


    Apologies in advance if this has been discussed but I've searched and checked the index without success to find an answer to this question. I'm pondering buying a wheel soon, probably a G25, but notice they all seem to be 900 or 2 1/2 turns lock-to-lock.

    The reason I ask is I had a wheel for GT4, can't remember the name (and no longer have it) but it was pretty much the first of the 900 degree models. I found it quite difficult to use, especially with my driving style being very partial to corner exit oversteer :)

    If the car stepped out too much, you had to wind on several turns of lock, which generally would overcorrect the car because it took too long to get the lock back the other way. (Hopefully that makes sense to people?) That's fine when your driving a Focus, but when driving a race car (which are all one turn lock-to-lock) it feels like your driving a bus sometimes!). You weren't able to change back to 200 degrees in GT4.

    Does anyone else prefer the 180 / 200 degree wheel?

    Are you able to swith between the two on a G25, and if not, are there any good models that do?
  2. MightyMan


    are you thinking of using it for the PC?
    i know for a fact with the PC, you can use the logitech profiler to change the steering lock to any integer between 180 and 900 (im using 544 right now for RBR)
    i dont think you can change it for ps3, but the GT5P is the only racing game i have on ps3, so my info is probably wrong...
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    For PS3
  4. evul9


    well if it is gt4 on ps3 or ps2 then no you cannot change it. if you are talking about drifting (sliding and counter steering) then yes it is hard with a 900 degree steering wheel
    if you are talking about just crazy driving (like just skidding slightly no counter steering) then i think a 900 degree steering wheel is the bast like mine logitech forse pro steering wheel is really good
    good luck (if you haven't bought a steering wheel yet
  5. Cougar23


    I have to say that I prefer 900 degree steering over my old MadCatz MC2 which only had about 200. It feels way more realistic especially when driving on a track like The Capri Rally Track.
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    If you want a wheel that can be hardware locked to 200 (and 360/540/900), your only option is one of the Fanatec Porsche 911 wheels, such as the GT3RS (PC/PS3), or the Turbo S (Xbox/PS3/PC).

    Besides that, the wheel you speak of in your post, is the Logitech Driving Force Pro (released with GT4). Incidentaly, the wheel can be locked to 200 degrees by pushing a button combination on the wheel itself. However, I find 270 degrees far more useable (I believe GT3 was 270 default), so I tend to use 360, as that is a good compromise between 200 and 900, and gives a very rally/touring car feel.