2017 GT Academy Thread (For Upcoming Details and News)

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    There was a GT Academy thread for last year, which was a great thread to talk about last year's GT Academy as tidbits of info emerged. (Special Thanks to Warbeast101 for creating that thread! It was a great place to talk about GTA last year! ;))

    But since I did not find one for this year's GTA, I decided to take the initiative and create it for you guys. If there is an official discussion thread for this topic already that I didn't see, let me know and I'll remove this one.

    But in case this is the first one for this, well, you're welcome!
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    Thanks for the shoutout :) well here is what i know so far:

    During last year's GT academy i'd annoy the person in charge of the live streams there by asking questions and saying hi to my friends who were competing. The info i got from him is that during that time (october 2016) there were no plans to stop the series and there was certainly interest to continue with GT academy in 2017. Add that to the fact GT academy made the announcment on ESPN to return for 2017 and you can kinda gather that Gt academy will make a return for 2017.

    Now my friends over at the local nissan division say that there most likely Egypt and North Africe will not be included this year. That said they did hint at the other regions being in talks to participate this year. maybe a return for north america?

    Finally i sent a message to GT academy on facebook 4 months ago and they mentioned that they are just waiting on polyphony to "sort out their game"

    That's all i know so far, hope we can get more info in this thread
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