2019/20 FIA Exhibition Series Race Discussion

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by nissman, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. CurbHog


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    Did not have high hopes for this race as I have been sick. I had #6 on the door and qualified 12th.
    I had read that the soft tires were what I should use, but I was undecided on a one stop or two.
    A weird lagging car impeding the start bunched up the mid field.... As I went in for my first change for a new set of soft, I had driven further on the initial set that I thought, so I started to think a one stop was possible,,,,, well you just have to watch it to see ... :-)
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  2. GTWolverine


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    Well, I have 2 Manu races in the books. I didn't even think of considering the Nations race as the "back" half of Brand Hatch is impossible for me to drive quickly. In the first Manufacturer's race, I had #20 as my car number, and I was the only Corvette in the room, so I was kind of expecting a little pain. I qualified and finished 15th after a rather clean race dotted with 2 off-tracks, the first of which was my own fault as I was a little too ambitious and took it 3 wide into the last 2 corners (I had a massive run on the 2 cars in front of me that I thought was too good to pass up). That race was a 2-stopper for me, with Soft-Med-Soft strategy.

    2nd Manu race and I was car #9, and was still the only 'Vette. I somehow qualified 6th and passed 5th in turn 2 and managed to hold him off for several laps before he got by me. In the end, I did a 2-stopper, all soft tires this time, and finished 9th. In spite of starting with a higher car number AFTER I had a DR drop from the 1st Manu race, the point spread in both of them was almost the same, and I was pleased with my 2nd race result. I won't be chancing a 3rd race...

    Also, does anyone know how much in-game free space you need to save a full replay of the FIA races? I've got around 115mb of free space and the game still won't save a complete replay and the replay crashes the game whenever I try to fast forward.
  3. splitwindow


    I'm counting the days to the next nations race.
    15 laps of Gr3 madness on The Mountain should be an absolute blast.
  4. HellzFire


    Nations Cup race was nice. Almost got pole with an ok lap. On the race I spent most of it defending.

    For Manufacturers I started 2nd again with an average lap. Almost impossible to overtake on this circuit, so my strategy was do the opposite of the car in front during pit stops. Unfortunately it didn't work out.