2019 24 Laps of Le Mans - Social Endurance at its finest. Sign up TODAY!!!


Race drivers across the world, the 2019 24 Laps of Le Mans is here. This race looks to set up for regular Endurance races on Gran Turismo Sport as a friendly and social alternative at the end of the "Daily Race" weekly cycle. The first Event on the cards is Le Mans a week after another great race. All Drivers, beginners to seasoned gentleman drivers can participate, there are no restrictions.

The 24 server will open on Saturday and Sunday 22 and 23 June, so racers can still commit to their nations cup, manufacturer cup and supra cup commitments. The server opens 3.00PM Australian Easter Standard Time. Local time zones are included in the event form.

The Event form ensures numbers and if people forget their selections, these can be easily found. Le Mans will work as follows:

3.00PM: Server opens with Lobby name being 24 Laps of Le Mans 2019. Practice/Qualifying will take place for the first hour minimum, this allows for people who know tuning for them to be able to fine tune for the race. The start time can change so be sure to enter as soon as the server opens.

The race will commence thereafter. Race 1 will consist of the wide selection of LMP1 cars in Gran Turismo Sport's GR. 1 category, These cars include:

- Each of Audi's R18's
- Nissan GTR-LM
- Peugeot 908
- Porsche 919
- Toyota TS030 and TS050

A GR. 1 Race took around 1 hour 10 mins for 18 Laps, so estimates are 90 Mins minimum. Once the LMP race is completed, racers are allowed to stay for the Group C race. The Group C race relives the pinnacle of World Sportscar Endurance Racing. This race includes some of Le Mans and Gran Turismo's most well recognised racing cars. Included in the Group C Race are:

- Silk Cut Jaguar XJR-9
- Mazda's 787B Roaring Rotary
- Sauber's Mercedes C9
- Calsonic's Nissan R92CP
- Rothman's Porsche 962C

This Field outlines classic Le Mans memories. Finally we don't forget the modern GT Machinery that makes Le Mans what it is today. Selected Gr. 3 cars have been chosen for this event. These manufacturers represent one of the best and biggest GTE fields in recent memory. GTE consists of:

- Aston Martin
- Chevrolet
- Ferrari
- Ford and
- Porsche

This event is sure to bring the community together and forge long lasting friendships off the track and fierce rivalries on the track. Fair racing is always encouraged and the in game penalty system will be disabled so real life racing lines can be used. To spice up strategy, a mandatory pit stop is required and drivers must use two of three dry compound tyres in the race. The lap count seems to need a pit stop, however fuel and tyre wear will be 1x. Bring your best custom liveries.

Follow this link to more server details and to make your selections. For everyone who cannot race the pinnacles of Motorsport, this is a great way to claim some pride and say you claimed a little bit of Motorsports triple crown.

Link to Form: https://forms.gle/Tf2tTXk7hj2tNpzf6

Looking forward to seeing as many people as possible, the more people the more servers, the more chances to claim a piece of the triple crown. Any questions please ask either through GT Planet or find me on PSN @ not_Emptybox
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24 Laps of Le Mans 2019
Just one week to go until one of Motorsports triple crown event. There are still plenty of places available for the peak event of sports car racing. Sign up today by sending me a message over PSN or messenger, with your choice of LMP, Group C and GTE cars. There is also a form with the available options.
Updated Entry details: https://forms.gle/1qvuNBTTQGhrnhya7
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The Current Field of Cars consist of:

3 x Porsche 919
1x Toyota TS050

Group C:
1x Mazda 787B
1x Sauber C9
1x Nissan R92CP
1x Porsche 962C

1x Ferrari 458 Italia
3x Porsche 911 RSR