2021 Le Mans 1000km Race - Pedro Harsk is the winner.

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to the 4th edition of Le Mans 1000km Race.
The idea of hosting a Endurance Race was when I have competed into several endurance races and I always wanted to host a endurance race.

The first edition was held in 13th May 2017, featuring Group C and GT1 machinery and the winner of first edition was Frederick Byloos on his Nissan R92CP. In 2018, the 2nd edition of Le Mans 1000km Race was part of MHRA Schedule and it was the first time that the race had LMP1 and GT3 Cars running around the track. The Winner of 2nd Edition was Alexander Erhart.

Le Mans 1000km has returned in 2020 after one sabbatical year and 2021 will see its 4th edition of Le Mans 1000km.

We're looking forward to see you on the track for the race! :cheers:
1.1- The Sporting regulations are written to guarantee clean and fair play during the championship season.

1.2- In every round, the Sporting Regulations will be on effect.

1.3- Making insults, racism and accusing towards participants or organisers is extremly prohibited and there will be severe consequences if these of the breaches happen.

1.4- The Sporting Regulations document are not definitive, therefore, they are sujected to the change at any time, for any reason.

2.1.1- The race will be a lapping Race, which will be set to 38 laps, plus the Pace Lap.

2.1.2- At least one pit Stop is mandatory for the race, thus changing tire compound.

2.2.1- Each qualifying session will have 4 sessions, each two qualifying sessions for each class.

2.2.2- Each qualifying session will last 1 hour.

2.2.3- The qualifying format will be done in Free Run and the drivers are expected to set the fastest lap times for a race.

2.2.4- Once the qualifying sessions end, the Event Promotors will be noting the lap times. Only the fastest lap session will be counted for the Overall Qualifying.

2.2.5- The Organisation has the right to disallow a lap time if a driver is found to breach the regulations, at any time for any reason!

2.2.6- If there are more than 16 drivers, a Pre-Qualifying Session will be done. Pre-Qualifying is a session that 17 or more drivers will attempt to the qualify for the full race. Only 16 drivers will be allowed to qualify, meaning, 8 drivers from LMP1 and 8 drivers from GT3.

2.2.7- A driver might choose a Qualifying session which is more suitable for a driver.

2.3.1- As soon the drivers join the lobby, they will be called to do the Grid Formation.

2.3.2- Once the drivers are Lined Up for the Grid, the race will be started in a countdown.

2.3.3- The Grid will have a False Start Check.

2.3.4- The drivers who were disconnected and absent during the Qualifying Sessions will start at back of the grid.

2.3.5- The race will be in Pace Lap, all the cars must go up to 100 km/h (62 mph) and have 1 second gap between each other.

2.3.6- Before the final corner, the drivers will make a double file start.

2.4.1- The Green Flag will be shown in the straight Line (Start/Finish) line. As soon the Green Flag is shown, the drivers are allowed to accelerate.

2.4.2- As soon a driver crashes during the race, the Yellow Flag will be shown and the leader must slow down, so the cars will be bunched up. The Yellow Flag is only valid when a car crashes and it comes to the full Pit-Stop.

2.4.3- During the Yellow Flag, no overtaking is allowed. Doing so may result a 30-second penalty, depending of the severity. (This does apply when go to pits too!)

2.4.4- The race restart of Yellow Flag will be in single file. As soon the Green Flag is shown, the race is restarted.

2.4.5- If the race has a problem, for some reason, the race may be red flagged or suspended.

2.4.6- There will be a "Mandatory Competition Caution" applied for this race. The purpose of this procedure is to allow drivers to take a break from the race, such as taking a rest and drink water. The Mandatory Competition Caution will be done in a Specified Lap and you can do it by pressing "START" to let the car autodrive.

2.4.7- So, for anyone who doesn't finish on the lead lap. When the timer in the bottom right to finish the race comes out, the racers will cross the line and assume it as the chequered flag and do the cool down lap on their own terms instead of the game doing it for them.

2.4.8- Calling a FCY will only be valid if only 2 or more cars lose control and crash each other. If only 1 car crashes and if a FCY is called, it will be considered as a "Inappropriate FCY Call" and will also result in a penalty, depending of the severity.

2.4.9- During the FCY period, all drivers must go up to 100 km/h (62 mph) and keep 1 second gap between each other.

2.4.10- There will be a minimum of 2 recovering laps, if a lapped driver is lapped by other drivers.

2.4.11- The drivers involved in a crash/incident, who sustain damages must call out the FCY in-game chat and they must be stationary. Failure to do that will be considered as a breach of Full Course Yellow procedure and will result a penalty.

2.4.12- During the FCY period, the pits will be closed until the field is neutralised. When the Organisation declares that the pits will be open, the damaged cars must drive safely to the pits for repairs.

3.1.1- The track layout which will be used is the 2019 Layout, with chicanes.

3.1.2- The weather and water at the track will be based in the real day's weather for each session.

3.1.3- All drivers must keep two wheels on the track at all times! Curbs and white lines are the limit!

3.1.4- All drivers must keep all four wheels on the pit lines while entering and exiting the pits. Touching or crossing the pit lines will result a 10 second penalty, depending of the severity.

4.1.1- The cars which are in Car Homologation section have been tested and confirmed that they are equal.

4.1.2- All Driving Assists will be off except Traction Control, ABS and Driving Line.

4.1.3- Please adhere to the right specs of your car. If you race with the wrong specs, you will be disqualified.

5.1.1- The drivers, who do the incidents and if they are penalized, will be considered to breaching the Sporting Regulations. Note that the organisers do reserve the right to penalize or sancionate any driver, at any time and for any reason!

5.1.2- You feel agravated by a inappropriate incident during the race, please send me a message by PSN Message, GTP Inbox or Facebook Conversation facilities. Please don't comment a incident during the thread!

5.1.3- Cutting a corner or Exceeding track limits will result in a 5-second penalty, depending of the severity.

5.1.4- Ghosting a car by pressing "Start" to avoid getting damage is strictly prohibited and it will result a 30 second penalty.

5.1.5- You can switch line only once and then return to your previous racing line. Making Zig-Zag to not let a driver overtake is forbidden!

5.1.6- Pushing or Ramming a driver off-track will result a 15 second penalty, depending of their severity.

5.1.7- A little bump is admitted. But divebombing to force your way into a driver is not admitted and will penalize you 10 seconds, depending of their severity.

5.1.8- A driver may be excluded from the Race Results if he accumulates excessive penalty.

5.1.9- At least 1 pit stop is required, plus changing tire compound. Failure to do that will award you with a 30 second penalty to the total lap time.

6.1- In order to take part of event, the driver needs to fill the following registrations. Here's my registration for example:
Name: Pedro Harsk
PSN: HarskGaming96
Class: LMP1
Car: Audi R18 '16
Age: 25
Team: HRSC Racing
Number: #2

6.2- The number #1 will be available only for the 2020 Le Mans 1000km Winner. Numbers from #2 onwards will be available for all drivers!

6.3- The Organisation does reserve the right to allow or exclude a driver at any time for any reason!

7.1- Lobby will be set to private.

7.2- Car Category will be restricted to "Gr. 1" and "Gr. 3".

7.3- All driving Assists will be turned off except "Driving Line", "Traction Control" and "ABS".

7.4- Lobby will be set to "Practice/Qualify/Race".

7.5- Tyre Wear and Fuel Consomption will be set to 1x for both Qualifying Practice, Qualifying, Pre-Qualify and Race Sessions.

7.6- Mechanical Damage will be set to full.

7.7- Grip on the Edge Reduction and Splitstream will be set to real, while Boost will be disabled.

8.1- Liveries can be done, as long as it doesn't breach the Community Guidelines.

8.2- All GT3 cars must have "GT3" decal, while LMP1 cars must have "P1" decal. Failure to do so will result an automatic exclusion from the race.

8.3- No Tobacco and no Alcohol advertising is allowed for Le Mans 1000km Race. Anyone being caught with it will be penalized. (Sadly it is necessary as it considered inappropriate by Polyphony Digital).

8.4- There are no Number Font Type restrictions for the liveries, as long as the car liveries meet the requirements.
Here's my entry for Le Mans 1000km. The Organisation is looking forward to see you there! :cheers:

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Qualifying Practice Day 1 is done. Unfortunately, @Harsk100 was the only driver to do the Qualifying, since no one else has joined the event.

The Organisation is looking forward to see you tommorrow for Qualifying Practice Day 2! :cheers:

Here are the Qualifying Practices 3 and 4 results, which have determined the Grid for tommorrow's Le Mans 1000km.

Hello everyone.

Unfortunately, the race didn't end like I was expecting. Qualifying has been cancelled due to lack of drivers. Unlike it was planned, the race has started on Pace Lap with Pedro Harsk and Nanu, both on LMP1 Class. For very first time in 3 years, there were no GT3 entries on the race.

Nanu, on his Porsche 919 Hybrid, has retired on Lap 1. So, like the 2018 edition, the Organisation had no choice but to give a Red Flag due to lack of drivers. The race was finished after only 1 lap has been completed and Pedro Harsk was declared the winner.

Hopefully that the next edition of 2022 will be having more drivers competing on Le Mans.

Thank you everyone and see you for 2022 edition! :cheers: