2024 FIA Motorsport Games to Feature Assetto Corsa Competizione & iRacing

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2024 FIA Motorsport Games to Feature Assetto Corsa Competizione & iRacing

The FIA has announced that the third FIA Motorsport Games will feature an expansion to its esports offerings with a second discipline that sees iRacing make its event debut alongside Assetto Corsa Competizione — but there’s no room for Gran Turismo...
It would have been surprising if gt7 had gotten it, as they have ignored online racing all year, choosing to focus on single player content and the movie release.

Its boggling when you think that the content releases as the movie dropped consisted of ‘90’s drug dealer cars, a wahbulance, a rally track(because thats what we all think of re: gran turismo), oh yeah..and a gr4 balance destroying front wheel drive mazda.

It's weird how many people commenting in the various places we've posted this either don't know or didn't read in the article that GT Sport was the platform for the first FIA Motorsport Games in 2019.
I read that part. Remember when it wasn't renewed. But what has GT7 done to get it back? It's not like they're focusing on updated LMH, GT3, GT300&500 cars - which is fine. So it shouldn't come as a shock plus the SRO is partnered with ACC as mentioned
Not bashing GT7, but the penalty / BOP system in ACC just lends itself to these competitions a little more efficiently. Not sure about the current build of IR, haven't been on there in years.
Not a surprise.
GT can't compete with ACC or IR in terms of physics, damage models, tyre models, ...
And the cars are outdated, especially for the departments they want/need for an eSports like GT2/3/4.

They had a very poor launch with gt7, way too long struggling with stupid bugs and performance problems (lobbies etc...)

I don't say ACC or IR don't or never had issues, but not at the scale GT7 was struggling.
GT/PD just didn't enough efforts to stay in for this and lost.

For me personally, GT7 is focussing in a wrong way and ignoring it's user base.
It should have been an hommage to the series and be the best version ever.
But it doesn't.

I can understand an organization like FIA would not be interested to have a game as GT7 in it's current state as a partner.

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