24 hours of Nürburgring - Dodge Viper GTS '99

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    The racetrack:
    Nürburgring 24h Endurance.

    The vehicle:
    Dodge Viper GTS '99. 518 HP.

    The setup:
    Engine: Stock, except for port polish, engine balancing, racing chip.

    Drivetrain: Everything upgraded, tranny set Auto 16...

    LSD: Full customize. Rear:10/19/13

    Tires: R2 all around.

    Brakes: Racing, F:6, R:7

    Downforce: 27/30

    Aids: Oversteer:2 Understeer:2 TCS:4

    Ballast: 0...

    And last, but not least, the suspension:
    Spring rate: 9.5/10.1
    Ride height:100/105

    I've driven this setup to death on another Viper GTS, and it holds the road phenomenally at Nürburgring compared to a stock Viper, which oversteers horridly...

    This is based off of a setup found here:
    I adjusted it to get rid of some of the wandering that occurred at some parts of the track. I'm using a DS1 controller in this race (My DS2 is busted :(...), so this car is tuned for said controller... all or nothing for throttle, brakes, and steering..., which is why I have the aids set, albeit at a low sensitivity.

    And, here I go... the only real worry is that the power goes out, or that my power cord gets moved (The soldering job on the board is less than satisfactory) :nervous:.

    The race:
    (previous attempts cleared out)
    Hour 1:
    I finally got a pack that has a bunch of lower-powered cars, so I decided to go for near minimum power again, and it's going great so far into the first lap...
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    Should be a good race. How many a-spec points? (If you're going for them)
    Heh, I had to solder my PS2 in two different places just to get it to turn on.
  3. ilovethescudo


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    Hour 23...: I let bob drive while I slept, until hour 20..., and I've been driving since then...
    The engine power is lower, and the chassis is shot, but at lap 186, I'm still turning out laps of around 7:30.... The second place car is 1 minute behind me at the moment.

    23:28: Phone calls and other interruptions have made me pause the game 5 times now. :mad: Anyways, I'm pushing my Viper harder than ever, burning through the R2's in only 3 laps, compared to 5 for bob (Although I pit when my tires are orange or near orange... he decides to pit when they're practically gone...). I pit, putting on R1/R2, to compensate for increased wear at the front, and because the car is a little oversteery if I put on anything other than R1's all around, with a bit more oversteer now from the worn-out chassis. I start lap 188, with the second place car, a Nissan is 1 minute 55.067 seconds behind me.

    The R1/R2 combination seems to have done the trick for my oversteer problems, and I finish lap 188 seemingly pretty well, only having the usual problems in the Aremberg, Fuchsrohre, and Adernauer Forst areas (I've always has problems in those area's in this car...)(If you don't know where those are, this map will show you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nürburgring_-_Nordschleife.svg ), and finish the lap in around 7:20.

    Lap 189 is one of my best laps in the entire race, with a time of 7:11.391, and the Nissan Falken GTR race car is 1:39.957 behind me... I pit on lap 190, at 23:51:03. (Darn, can't get 3 more laps in...). I decide to go almost all out, and put an R3/R2 combo on, and attempt to get an even faster lap time for lap 191.

    Lap 191 is quite fun to say the least... taking corners at breakneck speeds while keeping it off the grass. Somehow make it through my trickiest section, mentioned above, without too much trouble, just the car getting a little squirrely a bit before the chicanes. I make it to the main straight without further problems, at 6:05 in my lap time, shaving a whole 15 seconds off of what I normally got by the time I got there. I make is across the line, with my best lap time of the entire race, at 7:00:355...

    Lap 192: With 1 minute, 43 seconds left in the race, lap 192 will be my last. My rear tires are already yellow, with my front ones nearly there as well... no doubt, I'll be on practically on the cords by the time this race is over. 1 minute, 15 seconds into the race, my handling is already starting to go down the drain, with my back tires now orange... and I'm just coming up onto that one tricky part I mentioned earlier...

    The Opel Calibra Touring car enters the pits at 23:49:47. If he makes it across the line before the time is up, it will be sheer luck. And... nope, still in the pits at 24 hours. The Nissan Falken crosses at 24:00:41, 2 minutes, 24 seconds behind me. At that same time, my handling suffers still, with my back tires a deep orange now...

    At 24:02:02, the AMG Mercedes crosses the line. Now it's hard to keep my back end from wandering at any speed, with my front tires orange, and my rear tires now turning red. The Toyota SUPERAUTOBACS crosses at 24:02:52, and by now, my rear tires are practically gone, and my fronts are going to be gone soon as well. The Nissan C-west RAZO Silvia crosses at 24:03:35. At 24:05, all of my tires are gone, and the slightest bump or turn of the wheel sends my rear end into a tizzy... I keep my car in 2nd gear to at least keep some control before the main straight. I cross the line at 24:07:26.930, with a lap time of 9:09.748:yuck:. I get the yellow FGT as the prize. :dopey:
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    Yay, finished... and holy cow, it's already 6 PM!?
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    Hmm. Not much of a report.
    Brief description of a setup, a search for an easy lineup and a race start into lap 1...











    and a last flurry of activity in the last half hour.

    Call me ungripped, but it wasn't too exciting.
    Just my 2 cents, but I'm more in for the seat-of-your-pants immersive race experience when I'm reading one of these.
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    I know, it was a bit cheesy, wasn't it? I might do this again when I have the energy, and will probably just post a reply on this thread instead of starting a new one.
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    Quick question, I can leave my GT4 on B-Spec while not at the Playstation for hours on end, and it'll all be ok right?

    For instance, when the game pits for me and the little menu comes up, if I don't press "Ok" on that will it just automatically select the settings already on there? Or will it sit there until I do?
  8. NP

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    You can leave your GT4 on B-Spec while not at the PlayStation, but when he goes to pit (It will automatically select the settings already on there; You don't need to press 'OK') the speed of the race will be set back to x1 (You can set it up to x3).
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    Ok, thanks bud.