24h LeMans in a Stock Audi R10 TDI '06 - Live Report

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    Hey guys! I already won the 24h last year using the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP, but it was when the tyre wear was so fast that was ridicolous, so, after the update 2.02 I wanted to do this awesome race another time, but this time using a more challenging car : Audi R10 TDI in stock conditions. With the peugeot was a good race, but it got boring after the first few hours, because I could post 3:22.xxx laps while the competition was on a 3:32- 3:33 average pace.
    Spent a little bit in practice mode to try out the car and to find the right setup, and ended up with a good setup that eliminated almost completely the snap oversteer this car has when using lower gears. I also decided to race in cockpit view with the hud off except for map and lap times, even if I never use this view to race, but this car has an awesome cockpit and I'm able to go fast as if I'm using the roof cam I usually use. Done 6 laps in practice mode with racing soft tyres, best lap was a 3:30.237. Time to start!!

    Starting grid

    1. Pescarolo C60 Hybride - Judd '05
    2. Nissan R390 GT1 '98
    3. Audi R10 TDI '06
    4. Bentley Speed 8 '03
    5. Dodge Viper GTS-R Team Oreca #91
    6. Toyota GT-ONE TS020 '99
    7. Audi R10 TDI '06 (ME)
    8. Pescarolo Courage - Judd GV5 '04
    9. Audi R8 '01
    10. BMW McLaren F1 GTR '97
    11. R8 Team Playstation '01
    12. BMW V12 LMR '99

    HOUR 1
    Race starts and after the first corners, I'm in fourth position. Thanks to the slipstream, I gain another two positions on the straights, but my top speed is a lot lower than the competition, barely reaching 347 kmh at the end of Mulsanne straight without slipstream, and all the first lap is a battle with the Bentley Speed 8 and the Toyota GT-ONE. The Pescarolo C-60, meanwhile, takes a good lead in first position, being able to go away in the early corners. In the last sector, starting from porsche curves until the end of the lap, I gain a lot on my competitors, and in the end of the lap I am 6 seconds behind the leader.

    In the next 4 laps I find a good pace, posting respectively a 3:32, 3:31 , 3:31 and 3:30 laps, and I gain every lap a little bit from the Pescarolo. I don't know what strategy they are using, so I decide to stay out with these tyres for 10 laps. At lap 6, I finally get close to the Pescarolo, being able to use the slipstream on straights. We battle for all the 6th and 7th lap, when I gain a good gap in the last sector. Lap 8 starts and I'm 6 seconds behind the pescarolo.

    Considering tyre wear, lap 8 and 9 goes pretty well, 3:33 and 3:34. At the end of lap 9, I decide to stay out for an extra lap, while the Pescarolo pits. Big mistake. My rear tyres was so worn out that by the time I get to porsche curves, the car is undrivable, and I inevitably spin out. I lost something like 32 seconds, and the red Audi R8 is now in second position, gets glued to me, only to get first position as I pit. Here I decide to change strategy. I started on racing soft in front and rear, and considering that the front tyres was nearly new by lap 10, I decided to keep soft in front and change to racing medium on the rear. Charged 60 liters of fuel and went out on track. I exited just in front of the Pescarolo, with 2 seconds of gap, in 7th position.

    The next laps I battled with the Pescarolo, and I immediatly noticed the difference in performance with the medium tyres : my average pace was 3:33. Acceptable, I thought, but they really have to last at least 11 laps to be worth the loss in performance. Audi R8 pitted in lap 11, just like the rest of the cars, and I regained my first position behind the Pescarolo.

    During this stint, I realized that putting racing medium was a mistake. My pace was a lot slower between the laps, going from 3:32 to 3:36, and I was barely able to get 3-4 seconds of gap in the entire stint. Plus, the fuel I put in the pit wasn't enought to do more than 10 laps, so I decided to pit at the end of lap 20 and return to racing soft, and consequentially to a 9 laps stints strategy.

    HOUR 2-3
    After the second pit, the Audi R8 finally got second position, and during the stint I gained 3-4 seconds per lap. I need this gain, because he do 11 lap stints, so I do more stops than him and I have to make up the time lost in the extra pit with fast laps. This stint went well, except for a little mistake in the first corners that costed me 6 seconds. Next 3 stints went perfect, no mistakes at all, just some lapped cars that costed me some sedonds. Best lap is a 3:28.232. I saved and went to bed to sleep.

    HOUR 4
    Today I started the game and wanted to do at least 2 hours to get into the "night" zone. First stint went very well until lap 8, where I landed in the gravel in the last corner of the lap. Here I lost 20 seconds more or less. The gap with the R8 is between 1.30 minutes and 2.10, depending on who of us enter the pit lane.

    The next stint went flawless, no mistake and consistent pace. Gap raised to 2.40 minutes.

    HOUR 5
    Around the 4 hours mark, Pescarolo C60 and Audi R8 started switching each other the position. I think it's because they're on different pit strategies. The C60 seems faster in terms of lap times, but goes for shorter stints, and lose a lot of time due to the extra pits it has to do over the time.

    Meanwhile, on lap 68, inspired by the sunset, I set the new best lap, thanks to two lapped car that allowed me to take the slipstream. New best lap : 3:27.773.

    Around lap 74 I lapped for the first time the R8, only to pit on the same lap. Anyway, he pitted three laps later and I was able to lap him definitively in this lap.

    The last stint went perfect, no mistake and consistent pace between 3:29 and 3:31. It's getting darker and darker, but the weather seems flawless, so no rain expected for the night. So, by far, here's the standings :

    1. Me
    2. Audi R8, +1 lap
    3. Pescarolo C60, battling for 2nd
    4. Pescarolo Courage Judd
    5. Bentley Speed 8, battling for 4th

    Maybe I'll do another 2-3 stints this evening, I'll report back here. Stay tuned!
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    So how've you been going, Andy?
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    Try using Racing Hard tires. They can last you 12-13laps per stint
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    Sorry guys, I had to give it up because I had to participate in a championship with other friends and I needed my main account where I was doing the 24h. I'll sure retry this with another slower car, since even with that car I was winning easily, I aborted the race at 8 hours and I was 1 lap ahead everybody.