24hr LeMans Endurance Prizes, XP and Cash Rewards

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by GT Harry GT, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. GT Harry GT


    I just ended this level 35 race in B-Spec and you get over 2.2million XP, around $86 000 cash and a Toyota GT-One Race Car 99 (around 700hp-Not Tuned and Standard Version 900kg weight)
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  2. toyota_gt1


    $86,000? Theres no way!
  3. chrisr1984


    you only get 86,000! you get more for easier races..

    thats seriously wierd..

    the exp is good tho lol
  4. the $ for all endurance races is pretty weak. but most people do the endurance races for the XP, which it definitely does not skimp out on.
  5. GT Harry GT


    All the endurance races are good for leveling up but not for growing your GT bank account, lol.
  6. RikkiGT-R

    Northern Ireland Nordschleife.

    That is a disgrace.
  7. Danish Viking


    Only 86 k? Thats ridiculios.. But nice amount of xp :dunce:
  8. gtone339

    New Zealand Auckland New Zealand

    I was expecting that.
  9. Neal


    Anything that gets you closer to level 35 in B-spec when you get an X1 is all good, nice prize car too!
  10. cykelmatte


    When do you unlock this Race?
  11. b-spec gets a little less then 2/3 the cash compared to a-spec
  12. By the time you unlock Le Mans 24h in B-Spec you've already reached level 35 (and gotten the X1) ^^
  13. Mig


    that prize money is a joke... fair enough your not the 1 driving but 24hours!! you should get atleast 1million, more for a spec. it seems the only reason to use bspec is for the x1 you get.. i mean the x1 is cool and all but its ridiculously unrealistic and once the new car shine wares off all that bspec work will be for nothing .... i worked my bspec for the purpose of money making... but sadly the prize money falls well short of whats deserved (BTW i drove the x1 last night... that thing is INSANE!)
  14. eVilate


    I posted this a few days ago but ok. IMO the exp is not as good as people think. It's less than half what A-Spec gives, and don't even get me started about the money lol. Not complaining though, it's free exp and money. I'm only doing it for the signature edition comp. Almost B-Spec lvl 38 now.
  15. Spagetti69


    When do you unlock le Sarthe day/night transition without rain for arcade guys?
  16. Antonisbob

    Canada Kelowna, Canada

    I have honestly no clue, but I have it and I'm like level 25 ATM.
  17. Spagetti69


    I went on the version with rain and wet tires. No grip at all.
  18. Did somebody type in the wrong figures for the prize funds in this game?:dunce:
  19. Level 35?

    Can you confirm that hittin 35 gets you an X1?
  20. Josh88


    It's been confirmed.
  21. Xavier2342

    United States The West

    Question for the OP, did you have to babysit Bob at any moment of the race?
  22. zorenstein


    Dude i got 2 mil for nurburg 4 hour in a spec. only 400k tho but i won the audi r8 lms. Im 2 hours away from finishing tskuba 9 hr :D
  23. Welsh-Fury


    With an X2010, even level 0 B-Spec drivers can win. So there's no need to babysit. ^_^
  24. Mr. S

    France Paris

    Congratulations, this thread is from December 2010.

    The numbers in the OP aren't correct anymore, you get around 260.000 credits now.
  25. XoravaX

    Finland Finland

    It's still far too low compared to GT4's 1m+ rewards from the 24h races. In GT5, it should be over 2m due to the inflation of the prices. See,
    787B in GT4 as new: 3.5m
    787B in GT5 as new: 5.3m
    Most expensive car in GT4: 4.5m
    Most expensive car in GT5: 20m
  26. Gturbo5

    Poland Poland

    Here! My video!

    Full time (just later time! and get rewards)
  27. paskowitz

    United States New York

    Lol it costs more than that to actually participate in the real race.