24hrs while deployed... Lets get it on.

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    Alright well there are only two races left in the game as far as Aspec goes. And of course it's the two 24hrs.

    Currently deployed to Turkey out of the US, two friends and myself are going to attack these races once and for all. I intend to provide some report of the event as it goes on.

    Day 1:

    We choose the Peugeot as our victim for 24hrs of abuse and begin working the gear ratios. We hop into the race and about 10 laps in we lose power. Not a good sign. So we go flip the breaker and try again. 15 laps later the power drops again.

    Well that was about enough of that. This building is quite run down and unreliable but man are we anxious to see a gold trophy on this event. So we decide to put it on hold and watch a movie as the Peugeot sits in the garage tuned and ready for abuse.

    Day 2:

    The fun begins! We hand the sticks to Bryce as he is best with time attacks. Race starts pouring rain with 100 percent saturation. Should be fun. First few hours are hell. Sliding around like bambi on ice for about 3.5 hours. Finally the rain is letting up and the track behind drying... It gets down to 30 percent when the rain picks back up at a rate of 4 percent per lap. Not sure I've ever seen it so fast. Anyway back to racing the swamp of madness until about the 4.5 hour mark when it dries out.. Just in time for the sun to begin setting. That couldn't have been more convenient. Lets hope it's dry through the night at least.

    It is getting late IRL so we decide to burn off the last of the fuel before throwing her in the pits for the night.

    Day 3:

    Racing continues today at the 4hr 20min mark. Give or take. We are currently dealing with a lovely dry track, and a nice sunset off in the distance. As the time goes one the track gets darker. If not for the first few slow hours in the rain I'd be lost, seeing as I have never driven this track before other than a few test laps and I believe a little ASpec race.

    Well it makes its way to total darkness when I decide that the highbeams on this car are COMPLETELY pointless. Unless of course I wanted to check the trees for squirrels. Around the 5:30 mark it is good and dark and starting to rain again. I quickly pit and throw on fresh tires as to try to burn as hard and fast as possible before it gets to slick. Well the good Lord decided we fought rain enough and carried that nonsense away. Didnt even make it to 1% saturation before the rain stopped again.

    Very thankful, I carry on with the race. Holding about a 1min lead for several hours. Goes up and comes down based on pit stops and accidents. (I still get turns mixed up. =P)

    Still dry, we approach the 12hr mark of the race. I hold the lead by about 2.5 laps and I think my shoulders are actually locked up from sitting like this for near 8 hours straight. I am going to burn off this tank of fuel and suspend until tomorrow. Lets hope it stays dry and I dont have to deal with rain AND darkness.

    Day 4-

    No mood to type as there have been some issues over here. Anyway we finished the race with a 7 lap lead and it started raining 30 minutes before the end.

    Sorry I didn't go into more detail as intended.. Some things have come. Up.
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    This is amazing! Thank you for posting this! Keep going and be safe!