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  1. Hi,
    I'm new to PS3 games (I know I'm too late).Actually I'm thinking about making a small games center.

    In GT5 is it possible that 3 players play against each other in the same race whatever in a local network or through the internet ?
  2. Downhill Dino

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    Yes, and you are can go up to a maximum of 16 players in one race. Also Google, Bing, Yahoo, whatever your preference is, is your friend.
  3. Dean

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    (See above) - Though only via the internet, in the online lobby :tup:.
  4. Thank you very much for answering me in a short time.:)
  5. Why can't 2 players play against each other locally ? I mean through a router?
  6. Dean

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    You can play split-screen (two players) offline and "one-screen" online (meaning the second user needs a second PlayStation). 3 to 16 is only available in the online lobby, though. I hope I'm explaining it in an understandable way :boggled:.

    That is not possible, as far as I know. You'll have to be connected to the internet.
  7. I don't mean split screen.I mean each one has his own monitor and the 3 PS3 are connected using a router (LAN) without internet...
  8. Famine

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    No. GT5 has no LAN mode.
  9. TheRacerBoy01

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    Actually, it does, it was uncovered by Sorg. Although it is not a selectable option it is however in the coding.
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  10. So according to most of the replies:
    If I have PS3 with a montor in my room
    My brother has PS3 with a montor in his room
    We cannot play against each other by LAN (router) we have one of 2 options:
    1. I go to his room and we play GT5 on same PS3 same monitor using split screen
    2. We must have internet to play GT5 against each other
  11. daan

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  12. Famine

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    It's worth noting that you only need the internet connection to set up and host the room. If it's just the two of you racing, all the data will go from console to console through the router.

    So get yourselves a pair of PSN accounts with no friends but each other, plug into the router and get going. It's exactly how we run out UKGTP LANs in GT5. Only with ten people or more.
    There's a significant difference between it being on the disc and being in GT5. There is no LAN mode in GT5.

    GTP uncovered the LAN functionality before sorg did - the annual Asian GT competition run last year used a LAN mode in GT5. But it remains the preserve of Polyphony, as even sorg's discovery was nonfunctional.

    And of course it's unhelpful in this instance since it's a guy wanting to play against a couple of guys in his house...
  13. Famine I got your point.

    I remembered around 6 years ago I played one of "Need For Speed" versions using a LAN network (no internet) with my 3 brothers each one from his PC (not PS3) and it was amazing.

    If all the new games require internet for 1v1 with monitor for each player I will have to provide internet in my small gaming center.I need to study the cost again...
  14. Famine

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    Honestly, wireless would suffice. Obviously your experience will be better if it's optimal, but I'd say you can get away with it here.
  15. LtLeadFarmer


    ACTUALLY (This is groundbreaking stuff guys.....not really) If you have a portable DVD player for say, a car, with two monitors, you can hook your PS3 up to it, go to split screen and you each will have your own screen to yourselves.
  16. Even I have the answer for my question but I found it realy strange.
    You can use LAN network to have triple screen for one player in GT5.But you cannot use it to play with another player...