4wd Drift/ slide tuning 50/50 torque F/R

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United States
I noticed this 4wd drift/ slide topic is a major issue with some people, this thread is not for the debate on the legitimacy of 4wd drifting. I definitely prefer rwd, but i have the itch to build a ken block fiesta type of car. Something nimble and fast that can be whipped around tight corners with all 4's smoking and tons of angle. I have yet to see a 4wd drift tune with 50/50 torque front and rear. Id love to hear from anyone with a good tune on something. So far im getting great results using a 50/50 torque distribution and locking up all the diffs and adjusting some of the suspension. But i'm not quite satisfied, biggest issue is im somehow losing the effectiveness of the ebrake to initiate a slide sideways enough to let the 4wd dig in, i get massive understeer instead of the back end sliding around. Otherwise, once i manipulate the car into an angle it whips around in any direction and angle i choose with plenty of control and angle, its alot of fun on the cart track, 90 degrees sometimes at the apex with all 4's digging and keeping me off the wall.
I just realized the issue, being 50/50 torque the ebrake is locking all 4 wheels. Too bad we cant set the diff to open when the ebrake is applied.

I was really enjoying the tunes i got, im very disappointed that the torque diff isn't customizable to unlock with the ebrake. Im pretty sure theres stock cars that exist with that function.
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Have you tried setting the brake balance really high at the rear and nil at the front? I don't drift 4WD much and definitely don't need the handbrake whilst drifting, so I hadn't really noticed this before.
Have you tried loads of camber at the rear and a fair amount at the front (say 1.0/5.0), CH tyres, loads power (500hp+), and LSD settings with torque and accel at 60? Might have to rely on power oversteer through corners instead of handbrake. Not sure if that works, but I thought I'd throw out a suggestion!