5 Laps At Daytona

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    Earlier today, I ran the Daytona race for the NASCAR Cup in International A. (I will upload a replay of the race at some point before the year is over)

    I started off in 14th place, as per usual, and worked my way through the field. I was in 10th place with about three laps to go, then I moved to the inside and got my way up to 6th place by the time I got to turn four.

    2 laps to go:

    I'm running in sixth, biding what little time I have before I plot my next move. I then dive to the inside and take the lead, mirror driving as well. The other drivers #20 Logano and #11 Hamlin catch up to me before the last lap and instead of blocking their path, I let them take the outside.

    My goal is to keep the inside of the racetrack at all costs. If they decide to railroad me on the outside, so be it, because in the previous attempts to block the track, I would end up spinning out or losing the lead.

    Final lap:

    I'm battling door to door with orange #20 Logano going into turn one. The crowd is going wild, anticipating a brilliant finish, as all 16 cars are within striking distance of the leader.

    Then, all of a sudden, while trying to hold my position, I turn down on the #20 of Logano and I spin out and do a 360 right in the middle of the field.

    Once my bearings are together, I punch the throttle. I am amazed to find out that I am in 2nd place, within striking distance of the leader!

    I set my sights on the Best Buy #43 AJ Allmendinger Ford, and tell myself not to screw this pass up, because turn four is a very tricky turn.

    I go around the #43 and trade some paint with him, kicking him out of line. Behind me are the #83 silver Red Bull Toyota of Brian Vickers and the #11 of Denny Hamlin.

    They follow me to the finish line as the crowd roars in approval. The #83 and #11 are not able to mount enough of a charge as I (the #24) cross the finish line and take the checkered flag, putting an end to one of the most exciting races I have run in Gran Turismo history!
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