5 things I was hoping to be in GTS

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  1. bmxmitch


    Feel free to add your 5 things you wished were in GTS

    1: Tracks (Lots of them are missing. I'm not even listing them, but no Le Mans or Spa? Sad face)
    2: Classic Cars (No F40, Gt40 or MKII? So many great legends are missing. Instead we get hundreds of VGT cars)
    3: Weather change (It adds so much to long runs! And we already had it! Why not in 2017?)
    4: damage models and physics (its still a pretty damn weak part of the game. Crashes look so 1990)
    5: 24h races?! (I heard they will be added at some point, but without a day/night cycle?)

    Dont get me wrong now, I already love this game (only played the Demo so far) and could add 20 positive things I like about GT, but some are unacceptable in 2017!
    And I know they'll add some things in the future. But after all these years, PD could've added way more to the game IMO
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  2. dario1414


    1.the used dealer (gt5 used dealer was so much nice because the rare cars will come out and you will have no money)
    2.more single player races (for some reason i cant find a single race. everything is just challenge)
    3.more customization (i bought a honda and cant even put rims on the car =()
    4.f1 and nascar (love does races because if you mess up they will punish you)
    5.cars upgrade like turbo engine and so on