Finished 500pp Pit Stop Racing + Tyre Change

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  1. Trux


    United Kingdom

    Real world tracks

    Typical set up:

    Brands Hatch GP 8-12 laps Mandatory Pit Stop & Mandatory Tyre type change.
    Your choosen ride will need 2 tyre types SH & CS or less

    Tip: Don't hit the accelerator in the pits or you may end up selecting the wrong tyres !
    ABS Allowed
    TCS Allowed
    All other Aids Off
    No mics

    Clean drivers only.

    8 -15 min qly
    Races auto start after 10 mins

    Track changes periodically

    I will not make the races shorter, qly shorter or change track every race.

    I'm slow but am told i'm a good host so have fun :)

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  2. Trux


    United Kingdom
    Great racing happening here right now :gtpflag:
  3. Sean_BBB



    I've been running the exact same style room with friends, only at 440pp, under these limitations, production 2wd cars, stock Trans, and 50k budget including the car, but not the two sets of tires.

    Even with this many laps, it seems the sport hard tires can go the distance, but front wheel drive is at a major handicap. It essentially becomes, do lap 1, or the final lap only on the comfort tires. Which is still fun....

    Best fwd car I've found at 440 stock Trans, integra type r..... Rwd, probably the RX8. However, the all out cheater car seems to be the 96 Elise....