86Z Challenge Series (Interest Check)

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Hey there, so I've had this idea for a racing series rattling around in my head for awhile.

A long while actually.

Anyways, my ideas tend to trend far into the outfield, as I prefer to take advantage of the unique aspects afforded us with digital racing, rather than minutely recreate a real series, albeit digitally. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but it just means I tend to strike out in terms of executing the events. So before I spend the time putting this together, I wanted to posit the basic idea first and see if there was any interest before moving forward with the greater leg work.

The 86Z Challenge will be an event unlike anything before, testing the mettle of 12-16 drivers (formed into teams of 2) across 15 events in five different disciplines and environments. Car Control, Strategy, Preparation, Skill and Adaptability will all be put to the test.

Event Summary:

  • 3 Endurance Races in the 86 Gr.4
  • 3 Sprint Events in the N200 86 GT '15/86 GT Limited '16/BRZ S'15
  • 3 Street Races in the 86 GRMN '16
  • 3 Oval Events in the Falken BRZ
  • 3 Rally Events in the 86 Gr.B
Event Breakdown:

Endurance Races will be held on traditional racing circuits. Car tuning will not be permitted. Only a single tire compound (likely RH) will be in use with degradation and fuel consumption, of course, being on. Events will be geared to ensure at least two potential tire strategies could be viable, if not more. The car for the event will be the same for all competitors: The 86 Gr.4. The event format will be simple: Qualifying, Race

Sprint Events will be held on smaller traditional racing circuits. Car tuning will not be permitted. There will be no tire wear or fuel consumption. Events will utilize an adapted BTCC style race format, with three races. Mixed N200 Class 86 GT'15, 86 GT Limited '16 and BRZ S '15 will be available for use unless testing reveals severe performance disparity. Qualifying, Race 1, Race 2 (Reverse Grid), Race 3 (Coin-flip to see if reversed or not).

Street Races will be held on street and street-like circuits. Car tuning will be permitted. There will be two tire compounds and racers must use each compound at least once. Fuel Consumption may or may not be on. Single Make with the 86 GRMN '16. Events will be patterned after F1 racing, albeit without knock-out qualifying for simplicity's sake. Practice, Qualifying, Race.

Oval Events will take place at Blue Moon Bay and Northern Isle Speedway at least once each, with the third events track TBD depending on the quality of racing at the first two events. Car tuning is necessary to prepare the Falken BRZ for oval duty. Tire and Fuel consumption TBD. Events will be adapted from the current NASCAR race formats, thus each event will have three stages (held as separate races). Grid *will not* be reversed, but adjustments and changes will be permitted to the cars. Points will be divided over the three stages and will be reflective of the number of laps in the stage. Practice, Qualifying, Race Stage 1, Race Stage 2, Race Stage 3.

Rally Events will take place across the various dirt tracks. Car tuning will not be permitted. There will be no tire wear and fuel consumption is TBD. The car will be the 86 Gr.B. Events will run like a relatively normal GT Sport race, just on dirt. Extra points for the fastest lap of the race. Qualifying, Race.

There will be an overall Championship, Teams Championship as well as secondary awards given to those who do best in specific categories.
All entries would have to be submitted as team entries of no more than two drivers.
Team cars should look similar, either through color selection, livery design etc. Livery design and/or color selection should be consistent across all five cars, to within 80% similarity.
Team Liveries should be original designs. Inspiration from real world liveries is permitted, but not carbon-copying.

Anyways, that's all I've got so far, I'd love to hear your feedback on if this crazy idea is *too* crazy or what. Appreciate you taking the time to read.
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