'87 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 replica tune

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  1. eran0004


    Nürburgring Nordschleife__20.jpg Car: RUF CTR "Yellow Bird" '87

    Tyres: Comfort Soft (I can also recommend Sports Hard)

    Suspension: Height-Adjustable, Fully-Customisable Suspension
    (Note: I've listed an optional suspension setup in post #2 below)
    Ride Height
    Front: 130 mm
    Rear: 130 mm​
    Spring Rate
    Front: 4.16 kgf/mm
    Rear: 7.49 kgf/mm​
    Dampers (Compression)
    Front: 1 level
    Rear: 1 level​
    Dampers (Extension)
    Front: 1 level
    Rear: 1 level​
    Anti-Roll Bars
    Front: 1 level
    Rear: 1 level​
    Camber Angle (-)
    Front: 0.0 degrees
    Rear: 0.0 degrees​
    Toe Angle
    Front: 0.00 degrees
    Rear: 0.20 degrees
    Brake Discs & Calipers: Standard
    Brake Balance
    Front: 4
    Rear: 4
    Drivetrain (Transmission)
    Fully-Customisable Transmission
    1: 3.154
    2: 1.895
    3: 1.333
    4: 1.036
    5: 0.861
    6: 0.667
    Final Gear: 3.440
    (Note: Due to transmission setting limitations the gear ratios of the "normal" car could not be set, instead these are the gear ratios of the Switzerland version of the car, which were different due to noise regulations. Also, the real car only have 5 gears, so you shouldn't really use the 6th.)
    All standard
    Power limiter: 50% (230 BHP)
    Everything else: Standard
    Ballast Weight: 60 kg
    Ballast Position: -17% (Should give a balance of 43 : 57)
    Everything else: Standard

    (Note: I haven't found any weight balance specs of this car, but I found a source that said that the weight balance of a 1970's 911 was 43 : 57, so with nothing better to go for I went for that. In my car I also added an extra 70 kg (total of 130 kg ballast) to replicate the weight of a driver.)
    For ideas on paint and rims: Check this link. (It's a google picture search for Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2)

    This tune is based on what info I could find on the internet. The suspension part is a bit dodgy, and while the power limiter does limit the BHP, the torque is still about twice the amount of the real car. If you have any ideas for how this tune can be improved, feel free to share it :)
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  2. eran0004



    Here's an optional suspension setting that should help making the car a bit easier to control. I only list what's different from the tune listed above. The changes are that I raised the rear another 10 mm and made the rear spring rate softer. I also added one level to the damper extension in the front and rear.

    Ride Height:
    Front: 130 mm
    Rear: 140 mm​
    Spring Rate:
    Front: 4.16 kgf/mm
    Rear: 6.69 kgf/mm​
    Damper (Extension)
    Front: 2
    Rear: 2
    I also tweaked the brake balance after 1.04, now it's front 6, rear 4.
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  3. Snej97


    I love this Replica :)
    I really love driving this car around the Nordschleife!
    (and yes i tried to replicate your Avatar :) )
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  4. raven214


    United States
    Thanks for your work on this tune! I've only had limited time in it so far but I love anything that gets us closer to driving the 911! :):tup:
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  5. eran0004


    Here is a video of it with comfort hard tyres and 10% water on track

    (Recorded with an iPad, which apparently has the worst microphone ever, so you might want to turn up the volume if you want to hear anything)

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  6. Flaco13


    Great tune, this is so much fun to drive. It feels very close to a 930, meaning it does feel Porsche indeed. In addition I can recommend a high FFB level to simulate the unassisted steering of the 3.2. Only thing really missing is the ability to use the clutch and shifter after installing the custom transmision, so this is one more good reason to hoping this will get patched soon.

    Edit: to work against the high torque maybe lowering the final gear numbers even further could help, of course it could also ruin everything, just a thought.

    Anyways, thanks for this tune, highly recommendable!
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  7. eran0004


    Late reply: Yes, torque and transmission is the Achilles heel here. Until we get engine swaps and more transmission options I think this is as close as it can get.

    Oh, and I can recommend a fun challenge using this car: Tour of Europe, Ascari. I think it's in I-B or I-A. Using comfort tyres it's a pretty good match with the AI.

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  8. Pete05

    Pete05 Premium

    Have you tried any replicas using the RUF BTR? Less torque would give a closer feeling & maybe the real gearbox ratios are available.
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  9. eran0004


    I'll give it a try :tup: