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    After many years not playing any F1 games I discovered F1 2019 as I wanted to try the classic cars. I was impressed how brilliant and realistic graphics is these days and how much fun it is to drive the classic cars even with a pad. So bought the game. Now I would like to ask about a few things. In F1 2019 season races there is some framerate drop later in the race. I play PS4. I wonder if it is possible to improve by turning off some graphics options? In classic F1 races, the framerate is smooth and stable. As for camera options, I cannot see any difference between camera shake and no shake. Do you notice any difference? Is it supposed to imitate the onboard cameras from 80s F1? It does not look shaky at all even when turned fully on. Camera movement, what does it mean? And the last question, if I want to change strategy from two pit stops to one pit stop during a race, which button do I press to make the change and how do you manage to press several buttons and change the strategy while being super busy trying to brake into corners avoiding backmarkers etc?
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    About the framerate, no, on PS4 isn't possible to improve. That's possible only on PC.
    Camera shake/movement means that when you brake the camera moves back, to imitate the speed of the car. To understand what I mean, put default setting Pod TV camera and then Offset Pod TV. You'll notice the difference while braking.
    About the changing strategy to a one stop, you just have to mount the tyres you want once, Jeff can't change the strategy to a one stop. For example, your strategy is from soft to medium tyres then soft again. You don't listen to Jeff and you don't stop to early, to make the one stop work. You push circle and you get to the page where it says "Next tyres" or something like that, and you change it to the tyre you want.
    About being busy during braking, you shouldn't really change fuel/ERS/strategy in difficult corners. You should do that during straights, fast corners or while you're pitting. I hope I was clear, if you want some other advices I'm always here.
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