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    Well I introduced myself over a year ago, but that didn't say much about me and I have changed a lot since then.

    So my name is Cowboy (formerly CowboyAce57), and I've been here for close to two years now. However, I started browsing the forms as a guest back in 2010-2011 looking for info and advice about the Formula GT Championship in GT3 because let's face it, that event was freaking hard. How I stumbled upon this site, I don't know. I finally joined up in September 2014, and it wasn't my best start with he site. One if my first posts (if not the first) was about the hackers in GT6. I simply said that they were a bunch of annoyed twelve year olds who can't win. Luckily, @GTP_CargoRatt got me to think twice about posting and stuff, so I avoided a few warning or even a ban.

    Where do I live? About 5 miles from Stirum ND, or if you don't know where that's at, look at this map ↓


    I live right inside that red circle. I have lived there my entire life, and this year I graduated high school in Gwinner. This summer I been working at the Bobcat factory there, stocking parts and stuff. The building where I work isn't part of the factory area, but just a place for the forklift drivers to work. This fall I will be attending the North Dakota State College of Science where I will pursue a degree in Welding technology. And about 90ish miles away lives another GTPlaneteer that you may know.....

    Anyways, what do I like about GTP? The unusual rules. These rules for me have helped me keep away from being a poor member and I personally think it helps others attitude. You may also wonder why my name is "Cowboy". To be honest, I'm not really a cowboy tk begin with. I do ride horse occasionally, but I don't go on cattle drives or live my life outside. Probably the main reason my name is what it is is because my dad has a password for a site, which is CowboyAce37. I took that name and put a 57 at the end because it's simply my favorite number. And eventually I changed it after I contributed my $15.00 to the site :D. What games do I play? Well obviously I play Gran Turismo (1-6), GTA V, a couple Need For Speed games, as well as some other oddball games. I grew up playing the Driver series, my favorite series besides GT.

    Where am I active here? You can find me mainly in the GT6 forum or the Cars in General forum. The forum you'll never find me in is in the Opinions and Current Events forum. Not saying that it's bad or anything, I just don't have anything to say there. I actively participate in the Beater or Sleeper: Car of the Week thread and run the Duel of the Week thread AND have a Goodwood leaderboard with 323 cars tested. I do also participate when I can in RACE Fun Runs, which is pretty much laid back racing and fun like that.

    What gaming systems do I own? I have a PS1, PS2, PS3, a Sega Genesis, and a DS lite. In the future I plan to buy a PS4 for GT Sport, and maybe later on get and XBOX One for Forza. What car do I drive? I have a '99 Pontiac Bonneville with around 98,500 miles on it, but that has its own thread. My mom has a 2015 Dart Rallye and a 2002 F-350 7.3 Turbo diesel, and my stepfather has a 1982 F-150 to toy around with.

    So where do I see the site in the future? It's gonna depend on how GT Sport turns out. I'm very eager to get my hands in that Group 3 Mustang, but I'll have to wait and see how it is. That's how it should be for everyone. I'm already hearing over PSN that "GT Sport sucks" and "GT Sport is trash". It's tough to say, but as I always think, we'll just have to wait. I am hoping that Forza Horizon 3 is likeable, it better be because of that darned RZR! Either way, good things will happen.....
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