A thank you to all server hosts

United States
United States
I played GTS every day for the last year. I consider myself an avid sim racer. I started on a G29 and have upgraded to CSL Elite F1. I was so tired of the ranking and penalty system. I was about to give up sim racing.

I bought ACC at launch and have not even booted up GTS since.

I kept hearing everyone talk about the need for private lobbies. I just thought it was no big deal and would not alter my opinion of the ACC. I was wrong.

I have experienced some of the best, most courteous, heart pounding, thrilling, racing in my sim racing career since private lobbies have been added. My stats have been the beneficiary.

So, to all of you hosts.....thank you all so much for putting together events that sim racers around the world can get together and have a thrilling time racing one another. It's awesome.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

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