Abandoning the disaster that is PCARS 2 - quick GT Sport help

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo Sport' started by mattikake, Oct 1, 2017.

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  1. mattikake


    PCARS 2 is not going to be properly playable for months, so I have to shelve the game.

    I was also going to get GT Sport anyway but it looks like I have a lot of reading to do because I bought into the hype of PCARS 2 too much and haven't paid enough attention to GTS.

    Some quick questions though that maybe you guys can fast track me on;
    - Is the Logitech G29 supported?
    - Is there going to be a FFB system and will it be tunable or is it preset?
    - As I understand it, GT Sport is going to use full 3D physics, rather than a "tyre model". To it takes into account, yaw, pitch, roll, g-forces, weight, momentum/kinetic energy etc.? Simulating Newtonian physics I guess is what I mean.
    - I see no mention of customisable online championships. How does the esports system work? Single races?
    - Anyone planning on running championships for (clean) players if the game doesn't support that?

    Point towards an up-to-date FAQ would most handy!

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  2. sems4arsenal

    sems4arsenal Premium

    - Yes
    - Same as GT6
    - No idea
    - There are PD created championships but not sure the user can create those so need to wait and see.
    - There will be yes.
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  3. Scaff

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    We can do without the flame-bait.

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