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Anyone have any insights into the workings of AC's AI? I find myself moving through various car/track combinations. Sometimes I am highly competitive on the Hard setting, sometimes I struggle on Medium. It does, of course, depend partly on whether I'm racing single model, or single class, but it's true even in single model races. There are some cars where I am quite clearly not able to brake nearly as late as the AI cars. I have't experimented with adjusting the car setting much - does that make much of a difference? If the difficulty settings are right I can have really nice races - I do get shunted off sometimes, but usually that's because I am being too pushy going into a corner.

The AI in PCars2 is better in that the AI cars will counter manoeuvre more aggressively after being passed. Quite impressive at times. GTSport's AI? Best not to go there. :rolleyes:
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