AC drivers, opinions on Automobilista 2 physics & FFB?

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My go-to sim remains AC after all this time due to the physics and FFB. I do find myself driving PCars2 a fair amount also (despite the physics and ffb), simply because I really enjoy environments like the Green Hell at night, in a thunderstorm.

Looking at Automobilista 2 now, and it's got quite a price-tag attached if you want all the content. Reviews seem to indicate that even though it's essentially built on the Pcars2 engine, it has better FFB and Physics.

Anyone here an long time AC driver with experience in Automobilista 2? How does it compare in terms of the physics and feedback?
United States
United States
My personal view is that its physics and FFB are excellent, and I'd strongly recommend it.
Couldn't agree more with this assessment but don't expect the amount of content to be anywhere near what you have in Project Cars 2 or AC (assuming you are familiar with the thousands of available mods for AC).
New Zealand
New Zealand
I got the game in the humble bundle special. I actually tried the demo beforehand and really didn't like it. I'm yet to try the full game.

I have however downloaded and installed the original AMS and my god it is very good! FFB is amazing. But it lacks that dynamic time and weather.
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I like AMS2. Get you FFB settings in game figured out before assessing it. Too many people don't understand what the sliders are doing and are quick to throw it away. AMS2 through a DD2 and Veld pedals is a wonderful experience.
Gripes are the inconsistency of cars handling and difficulty of AI. These inconsistencies are most likely going to get worked out seeing as the Reiza team are exceptionally vocal and they listen.
One day they're supposedly going to fix the Karts too! 😂