AC Launcher and G29 Configuration

United States
United States

My uncle uses a Logitech G29. Due to having so many mods with AC, he cannot configure his wheel using the in game AC configuration in which AC walks you through each step. He does use the latest CM, but cannot get the wheel to configure properly. Since I own a Fanatec Wheel and have no issues with using CM for configuration, I cannot help him (he also lives in a different state).

Issue #1 - AC will not launch through Steam it just hangs (I think this is due to the sheer number of modded cars (580+) and tracks (50+)). Is there a work around? Something causing AC to hang? Does he just allow it to work through processes until it loads?

Issue #2 - He is unable to use the AC proper wheel configuration which has helped in the past for his wheel. The problem seems to be too much rotation for driving. He will complain of having to turn the wheel 2+ rotations or all the way to make a turn. It is likely his driving technique and oversteering, but I am unable to watch him drive.

Thank you. I appreciate any feedback that may help.