ACC Championship.

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Hello. We are hosting a new championship designed for every skill set.

We have 17 sign ups so far but don't wish to start until we have 20. We will of course take more then 20 if they become available.

When we reach our golden number we will be doing a few test races at Brands Hatch (a quick 30 minute race) Just to learn more about each other

I.E - Who needs more practice etc etc.

ABS and TC are banned.

Our Season 1 will be a short 6-8 Round calendar depending on the turn out then when we gather some momentum can look about changing it. (I.E making it longer seasons longer races removing things that maybe dont work) that kinda thing.

Eitherway if your interested just add me on steam [AMG] NorT

We have a discord but im only going to post that to people who are interested.