ACC on PS4 w/G923 - no "bump" FFB

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United States
I just downloaded ACC for PS4 (I had been using the older Assetto Corsa), and I'm having a weird problem with the wheel. It's a Logitech G923 wheel.

I've read a bunch of posts on the wheel FFB settings and it doesn't seem to solve my problem.

I've played with all of the settings, gain, road effects, etc. and I can feel the effects it has on the steering just fine, i.e. tighter or lighter, etc., no problem there.

My problem is that no matter what setting I use, I get ZERO FFB in the wheel when I go over bump and curbs, or just from irregularities in the road surface. Not that it's light - it's non-existent. This type of FFB was just fine in AC, and also in PC2 with the same wheel.

Is this a known bug, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

Any advice would be appreciated.