ACC PS5 special events

  • Thread starter DozUk
Hi, I've only just got around to trying out ACC on PS5 and it feels great.

One thing though, there only appears to be one special event whilst there are loads on the PS4 version.

Is that right and if so how are you supposed to improve your pace as I believe this is measured on performance against different modes in special events?
Special events do impact your pace rating, but the pace rating doesn’t really mean anything other than how well you do in special events. Like the CP rating, it doesn’t really do anything.

Can’t speak to why there isn’t any events though.
Same on the Xbox Series consoles, just one event as opposed to about 16 on the Xbox One. It’s disappointing to say the least when i’ve if their ratings depend on them that they can’t be bothered to provide any to challenge ourselves with.