Add a driver or two, real or a TV/ movie character, to Gran Turismo and explain their backstory.

United States
United States
I'd add Slick Johnson and Jacky Ickx. After surviving being hit twice, Slick Johnson requires five years to make an 80% recovery. He teams up with Jacky to design the first HANS device, only this one isn't restrictive like the originals were. They see widespread use and save Dale Earnhardt's life. The three continue to design both safety and adaptive features for racing under the name Earnhardt Developments.
My movie character driver is Anakin Skywalker, who,though irrational when angry, can never be fully corrupted. Still missing both legs and an arm, he remains an expert on driving strategy. Earnhardt builds a car Annie can drive competitively but after the first season, Annie backs out of racing to be one an official, even driving the pace car sometimes.